OCD + ADD = me

Is it possible to have OCD and ADD at the same time? If so, that’s me – at least when it comes to my creative side.

When I become interested in a hobby, I am passionate about it. I want to eat, sleep and breathe it.  Luckily, I have managed to limit myself to three creative endeavors to be passionate about: quilting, photography, and memory keeping (quasi-scrapbooking). Strangely though, I can’t seem to take on more than one hobby at a time. There’s generally a small transition time when I have my hands in two creative pots, so to speak. But then it doesn’t take long to focus in on my new interest and forget everything else creative.

So, if you couldn’t already tell, photography is my passion right now. I am staying up way too late, trying to soak it all in via online tutorials, photography forums and informative blog posts by accomplished photographers.

I am eager to learn and practice. And today I did just that, with the help of the girls (actually, it was yesterday since it’s already past midnight now).

At the end of our street, there’s this awkwardly shaped field/bit of land with some awesome dead trees and a little bit of long grass. Since the girls had on nicer clothes (from Mallory’s kindergarten graduation earlier in the day), I decided that today was the day to walk down and test it out. I really like several of the images that I got and the girls had fun too. Win-win.

Sweet T

Sweet T

Sweet T




And our girl who will be a first grader after today…

Miss M

Miss M

Miss M

That’s it!

And now it’s (beyond) time for me to go to bed…


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