Mini-Session with the S3 girls

I had my first portfolio building mini session on Saturday with the S3 girls. I think the session went well. I am happy with the results, given that it was my first session. I know I have a lot of room to improve and I am eager to continue navigating down this path.

P.S. The images in this post look a little soft. They are sharp and in focus on my computer. I still need to learn how to save and sharpen for web viewing.


2 thoughts on “Mini-Session with the S3 girls

  1. Gina Miller just posted about sharpening for web today on her blog: (She’s a PLer, too…do you follow her?) I use different settings than she does in unsharp mask, but her photos look great online, so you could start with hers. Are you doing any sharpening now? It’s always so sad when your photos look great on your monitor and then they go soft online, isn’t it? I hate facebook for that reason; even if I sharpen for web, fb destroys them.

    • Thank you so much for the info on Gina’s blog. I wasn’t familiar with her so now I have two reasons to follow her.

      I had been sharpening the photos (in Aperture) but I guess it wasn’t enough for the web. In the photos that I posted today, I used her setting for USM (I couldn’t tell a difference after I used her setting, even zoomed in, but it might have done something because they seem crisper than previous attempts). I might tweak her settings some next time just to see if there’s a difference.

      Thanks again for the info!

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