Halloween 2011

I know it is mid-November, but better late than never for a Halloween recap!

Halloween 2011

We had two princesses and a frog at our house for Halloween.

Our princesses had a fantastic time trick-or-treating with Jonathan around the neighborhood and collected a nice little selection of treats. Tessa helped them eat the treats they couldn’t have.

Halloween 2011

Chelsea was excited to be a purple princess, especially because of the hat. She is our candy girl and would happily eat skittles for breakfast.

Halloween 2011

Since our Halloween day was so busy, I didn’t get a chance to redo Mal’s hair from the morning before she went out trick-or-treating. We’ll call her look royally messy. As far as treats go, Mallory repeated her behavior from last year and picked pretzels as her first treat of choice.

2011 Halloween: Princesses & the Frog

Our frog did not get a nap on our busy Halloween day so she was ‘done’ before it was time to trick-or-treat. She went to bed shortly after we snapped pictures so I stayed home to hand out candy pretzels to the kids (and the occasional adult!) who came by.

Halloween 2011

If you hadn’t noticed already, we try to get the most out of our Halloween costumes, so they get passed down from year to year. At some point I’m guessing the younger girls will want to be more original than that. For the time being, they are happy with my suggestions.

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