Soccer Saturday

Mallory's Soccer Game

This is Mallory’s second season of playing soccer. And today’s game was the second to last of this season. Her U5 team is the Grasshoppers. It has been fun to watch, between this season and last, how the girls are really understanding how to play the game.

Mallory's Soccer Game
Mallory really likes soccer. She loves to practice in the backyard. And I know she enjoys getting to spend time with her teammates at practices and games. Chelsea and Tessa do a great job of cheering her on during both.

Mallory's Soccer Game

Mallory's Soccer Game

{ Check out those teeth in Scrunch Face's mouth! She has had three for awhile but for the last few weeks several more are making their way through her gums. You can kind of see them in this picture and she has been a trooper through it. }

As much as Mallory likes soccer, it is quite apparent when she is out on the field that she has no clue how to be aggressive. She has gotten better this season going after the ball, but then so have all of the other girls. She has scored a handful of goals this season, to give her the credit she deserves.  I do believe she understands the basics of the game and her skills are pretty good during team practice and when we practice in the backyard. One of her first words was “key” (for kick) and since before Chelsea was born when Mal was 20 months, she could kick a ball back and forth with us. We always thought she would like soccer, but I don’t know that you can teach aggression. I guess as long as she’s having fun, that’s all that matters.

Mallory's Soccer Game

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