Letter People Fashion Show

The older girls got to dress-up at school for their annual letter people fashion show.

Chelsea has done a 180° turn in terms of how she reacts when having to be the ‘center of attention.’ At the beginning of the year she cried and nearly refused to participate in the field day activities (see below).

Field Day (Sept 2010)

{ Chelsea hated participating in every event at Field Day last fall. }

For the fashion show, she smiled and, dare I say, even enjoyed it. Each child got to pick the letter they wanted to represent and Chelsea picked the letter C. So, she is sporting her Cinderella shirt, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, cat mask, cat stuffed animal and she is a champion with the medal around her neck.

Letter People Fashion Show

Mallory picked the letter L, so she is dressed like a lady, has lots of ladybugs on her, can lick her lollipop, and is carrying her lamb.

Letter People Fashion Show

It’s interesting to see how the girls differ as they grow up. I believe that Mallory is an extrovert and needs preschool for the social interaction and stimulation. She’s our social butterfly and constantly trying to plan outings and playdates. Mallory has enjoyed going to preschool since day one when she was 2.5 years of age (I don’t think she even told me bye the first time I dropped her off).

Chelsea, on the other hand, needs preschool to help bring her out of her shell and to help her build confidence so she knows she’s capable of experiencing life without her big sister holding her hand (literally). It took nearly two months for Chelsea not to cry when I dropped her off at school (she’d even cry when I came to pick her up, I guess because she missed me so much?!). It has taken Chelsea several months to start talking in class and to interact with the other kids. I’m grateful for Chelsea’s teachers; they are so nurturing and I can tell they really love their job. We’ll miss them next year since Chelsea will move up to a different class.

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