50.2: Blessed Baby

50.2: Tessa's Baptism

On December 18, our sweet Tessa was baptized.

50.2: Tessa's Baptism

{Waiting at the back of the church, prior to walking in with the procession at the start of mass.}

She has three godparents: Jonathan’s brother Jeff and family friends Brian & Angie Bentz.


50.2: Tessa's Baptism

We were lucky that all three of the godparents were able to be there because two of them live out of state (Jeff lives in Alabama and Brian lives in Florida — he and Angie are moving to Florida and he is already there working while Angie is waiting for their house in Texas to sell).

50.2: Tessa's Baptism

{Presenting Tessa to the congregation.}

We were also fortunate to have both sets of grandparents (plus Jonathan’s other brother) here to attend the event as well since they live in Florida.


50.2: Tessa's Baptism

{Trying to entertain the noisy, fidgety baby girl. Even Chelsea tried to help.}

Tessa wore a christening gown that has been in Lucia’s family since the 1890s (Mallory and Chelsea were baptized in it; Lucia was christened in it; Lucia’s mom wore it; her mom’s mom wore it; etc.).


50.2: Tessa's Baptism

We were not sure if Tessa would be able to wear the gown because it is about a 3 month size. But, given that Tessa is a tiny little thing (at her last check up, she was in about the 15th percentile for weight and length), we were able to squeeze her into it.

50.2: Tessa's Baptism

You have probably noticed that Mallory is missing in these pictures… she was there at the church, but she was asleep. Yes, asleep.

50.2: Tessa's Baptism

{Our family, minus one.}

The backstory: About an hour before mass, Mallory had some sort of allergy reaction/attack (we have no idea what she ate and/or touched that caused the reaction). She started coughing and wheezing so we gave her some Benedryl (which is our normal course of action when that happens). In a short amount of time the wheezing got worse and she was having trouble breathing and her face was not looking good. We had to quickly decide how to treat her condition because it seemed like it was getting worse fast. We were not sure whether to use her epi-pen or take her to the urgent care center. Then we remembered that her nebulizer would help her (Mallory has only had to use the nebulizer a couple of times, with the last time being in the spring, so it’s not top-of-mind for us as a treatment option). So, we quickly administered albuterol via her nebulizer and that fixed her breathing problems almost immediately.


50.2: Tessa's Baptism

I am guessing that the aftermath of the reaction/attack, coupled with the medication she had taken, really just knocked her out. On our way to the church (a 10 minute drive), she fell asleep (complete with snoring). We had to wake her up to take her into the church. Then, once we got to the church for the baptism, it did not take her long to fall back asleep. We then had to wake her up to take her back home where we put her in bed for the night.

We feel so fortunate to have family and friends that care for our littlest girl. It was a special night for all of us.

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