44.3: Trick-o-Treating!

44.3: Trick or Treating

Meet Pippi Longstocking, the Monarch Butterfly and the Bumble Bee.

44.3: Trick or Treating

Doncha think a baby in a costume is one of the cutest things there is? Tessa is such a content baby. She didn’t mind being dressed up like a bee and quite enjoyed being carried around for some of the night (coo’ing/singing, smiling and watching all that was going on).

The older girls had a great time trick-o-treating this year. Chelsea, our shy girl, was a little uncertain and very quiet at the first few houses. After visiting each house, she was amazed that the people in the houses gave her candy (her “faaaaave-rit”)! It didn’t take her long to warm up to the idea of asking for candy and was “trick-o-treating” (and “thank-you’ing”) right along side Mallory at each door.

44.3: Trick or Treating

At the end of the night, Chelsea was very eager to try all some of her candy (for the record, “fishies” (Swedish Fish) are her favorite candy). And, Mallory? Her first treat of choice from her bag of mostly candy… the pumpkin-shaped pretzels. Go figure, but that doesn’t surprise us. She does like candy, but she isn’t crazy about it the way that Chelsea is.

And try as we might, I knew we wouldn’t be able to match last year’s pre-trick-o-treating picture. This one is priceless.


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