Full Speed Ahead and Falling Behind

Summer is here and already flying by. We are busy busy busy, doing who knows what. We do not have a lot planned out for summer, since I could not find any classes that Mallory and Chelsea could do together (I did not feel like sitting and waiting for an hour with T and CP while M was in a class). So, we play each week by ear and the girls are rearing to go when the sun peeks through the blinds in the morning. We cannot go to the playground again just yet (Chelsea is supposed to stay off of them for another two weeks, per the doctor) but at times it been too hot to play outside anyway. And with Jonathan traveling more than staying home, it can get a little stir crazy here with the three girls.

I do not get a lot of breaks but when I do I take full advantage of the time I get to do something for ME. If I do not do something to nourish my creative side (usually it is quilting/fabric related), then I start to go a little coo-koo. That means the house gets neglected (laundry piles up, dishes don’t get washed, toys on the floor… you get the picture) and honestly it does not bother me until someone wants to stop over. And keeping up with the house all the time can make you a little crazy anyway since it never stops. It stays clean and picked up for about two minutes before the girls (usually Mallory) get out what you just put away (like every single stuffed animal that they have and scatter them throughout the house).

So… with the girls keeping me as busy as they do and me wanting to spend my *free* time with my sewing machine and playing with fabric, that means that this 52 weeks project thing is being neglected. For awhile I was about a month behind in my posting, but now it is like six weeks. It should not be a surprise that I am kind of over the idea of the project… keeping in mind that I have been taking — on average — a picture a day since January 1, 2009.

Even though I am tired of the project, I am still taking my pictures. Although last week was the first week that I do not think I took seven different ones that I can post (I think I might have four). And with our trip to ATL this past week I completely forgot to take Tessa’s weekly picture for the first time (kinda) since she was born. If I knew I would not regret it later, I would quit the project. But I enjoy it just enough, like taking pictures and know we will love looking back on the album later, so I will keep it up.

Maybe, to keep me motivated, I will skip the weeks I am behind on (for now) and just post the current week’s pictures. I don’t know, we will see.

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