Back Home

We were back home yesterday afternoon after Chelsea’s surgery and are so happy to be here. We are so lucky that Chelsea’s surgery was basically non-invasive. The doctors prepared us for the worst (pins/rods, two night stay, subsequent surgery) but did their magic and gave us the best possible outcome.

They were able to do a closed reduction to fix her broken elbow and the bone that had chipped off and flipped 180°. The closed reduction basically means the doctors manipulated the bones and got them back in place without cutting the skin. The doctors barely mentioned that they would try this before doing an open reduction (read: cutting her arm open). A closed reduction, in Chelsea’s case, still required her being put under general anesthesia so that her muscles would be relaxed and so she wouldn’t fight them/remember/be in pain.

It only took the doctors a little more than an hour to finish and we were very surprised to the see them come out so soon. Chelsea will be casted for 3 -4 weeks and we’ll go in for weekly x-rays to make sure the bone is healing correctly.

Chelsea is already in good spirits but it will be slow going for her for awhile. My mom is flying in tomorrow to help us. We will especially need her help next week because Jonathan will be out of town. Wish us luck!

I’m going to do recap post with pictures in a bit, but wanted to update you to let you know that Chelsea’s recovery is going well so far. Thank you for your prayers!

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