Ready for Surgery

Ready for Surgery

Chelsea is back in surgery now. They think the surgery will take 2 hours + 30 minutes before and after for the anesthsia. We are waiting for them to call us so we know when surgery starts.

The surgeon told us that her fracture is pretty bad. More than likely she will need at least one rod/pin in her arm to hold the bones in place. (Then she will need another surgery to get the pin(s) back out in a couple of weeks). The fracture is classified as Monteggia Type IV (I looked that up and that means “Anterior dislocation of the radial head and fracture of the proximal third of the radius and ulna at the same level”).

There are a lot of “worst case scenarios” if the bone doesn’t heal correctly but the doctors (two are doing the surgery because the main one wanted an extra set of hands) are hopeful since the break just happened and because she is still so small. She should heal quickly.

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