And her name is…

Tessa Jane Wilke!

And it only took us until 3 AM this (Sunday) morning to make a final decision on the name. Hey, that’s faster than how long it took us to decide on Chelsea’s name if that counts for anything.

And here’s a picture of her all cleaned up and sound asleep. Take a look at those pretty lips!

52 Weeks :: Week 8, Day 2 [Brand New Baby!]

10 thoughts on “And her name is…

  1. Congratulations, Jonathan and Lucia. I love her name–sounds like it belongs in a Bronte or Jane Austin novel. She sure looks like you, Lucia. All three girls are adorable. Will you two ever be busy! Enjoy your mother’s visit. I know she can’t wait to get her hands on Tessa. Love, Mrs. P

    • Thank you Mrs. P! We think Chelsea looks a lot like me as a baby, so I wonder then if Tessa will look more like Chelsea than Mal. We’ll see! We’re excited to have my mom visit too and are so glad she’s able to be here for 2 weeks. Thanks again!

    • Hey Ash! I don’t mind at all… the other name was Heidi. Other contending names, in the last week or so, were Penelope (Mallory is still calling her this) and Sydney.

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