Week 8, Day 1: Birth Day!

Birth Day and Story
Friday, February 19
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I had things to do and places to go on Friday the 19th; not big things, just a lot of little things. As you can guess, that didn’t happen. I was up early and I got a few things done around the house but then I started feeling crampy. I still thought I might be able to run one errand with the girls so I got them dressed (but never got Mal’s hair done). By 10, I realized that I wasn’t going to go anywhere with the girls because I was feeling too bad. I thought this might be the start of labor and quickly finished packing the girls’ overnight bags and tried to get the rest of the last minute items packed (I couldn’t though because I couldn’t concentrate from the discomfort and increasing pain). I talked to Jonathan and he was on his way to meet with a client an hour away. We decided that he needed to come home instead of being so far from home.

Around 10:45 I got in a warm bath to see if that would help with discomfort, then turned on PBS Kids and told the girls they needed to be the best girls they could be today. The girls watched me bathe instead of the TV and were confused by what was going on. Mallory asked why I looked mad but I explained I wasn’t mad, I just didn’t feel very good. And when I’d close my eyes when the pain would increase, Chelsea would tell me to “WAKE UP!”

Jonathan got home around 11 and by then I could tell that there was a start and stop to the pain I was having. I was still in the bath, so Jonathan used an app on my iPhone to time my contractions. After my bath, I made my way to the bed to labor there for awhile. Every once and awhile, Chelsea would come and see me and ask, “bettah?”, wondering if I was feeling better.

At my appointment the day before, my OB told me that I needed to head to L&D if I was having contractions every five minutes for an hour to an hour and half. After an hour of timing my contractions, they were averaging about a minute and a half long and were coming every two and a half minutes (the app on the iPhone providing that information instantly, pretty cool and so much easier than keeping track of it with a pen and paper). At this point, I figured this was it so I gave Jonathan the heads up that we would need to leave for the hospital in about 30 minutes. He then fed the girls lunch and finished getting the bags packed.

By this time, I quit keeping track of my contractions because it was getting harder to tell when they were starting and stopping. And I needed to drive less than a mile, following Jonathan and the girls, to drop the girls off with Mrs. Angie. The girls were happy to see Mrs. Angie and waved bye to us as we drove away.

We checked in at the hospital at 1:00 and the nurses quickly got me settled into a room, knowing that my contractions were coming on strong and that this is my third baby. Around 1:30 my doctor came to check me (I was dilated to a 3 and was thinking, that’s it?!?!) and then he broke my water. Shortly thereafter I got my IV and my epidural (yay! I was adamant about getting my epidural as fast as possible because with Chelsea the nurses made me wait and I was a 6 and in way too much pain by the time I got it).

With my water broken, we thought my labor would move pretty fast considering I had Chelsea 4 hours after being admitted.  Instead, my contractions slowed down and started to stall out (wha??), the fever I unknowingly walked in with had gone up (100.5), and my blood pressure was crazy low (like 90/39).  So, I was given pitocin to get my contractions going again, antibiotics for the fever, and epinephrine for my blood pressure. But now the baby was showing signs of distress (heart rate decels), so the nurse put me on oxygen, stopped the pitocin and had me alternate between laying on my left and right sides. The baby was still showing signs of distress and when my OB came to check on me and the baby again, he warned that we wouldn’t watch that much longer; meaning that he’d get her out quickly via C-section.

52 Weeks :: Week 8, Day 1 [Brand New Baby!]

After another change of position, sitting me up straight in bed, everything seemed to get back on track. The baby’s heart rate regulated and my contractions started again. The nurse checked me a little while later and I was a 7. Then before I knew it, my OB was back in my room. He checked me and said it was time to start pushing. He put on his baby-delivering gear and the nurses got things ready. The doctor said to push with my next contraction. During that one contractions I pushed three times and out came our baby girl at 5:38 PM.

The doctor said her cord was really really twisted, was wrapped around her neck once and that is why she was distressing in utero.

52 Weeks :: Week 8, Day 1 [Brand New Baby!]

52 Weeks :: Week 8, Day 1 [Brand New Baby!]

I got to hold her right away for a long time, which was a first for me. Mallory and Chelsea had to stay in the warmer to be tended to after they were born. She was eager to nurse and sweet as can be, even if she was covered with all of the crud and gunk leftover from the birthing process.

52 Weeks :: Week 8, Day 1 [Brand New Baby!]

She weighed in at 7 pounds even and 19.5 inches long (right in between Mal and CP). She was in the birth canal for such a short period of time that she managed to skip the conehead stage.

Oh, and she has no name, yet… well, not a first name. We have decided that her middle name is Jane and we do have her first name narrowed down to two.

More pictures to come…

2 thoughts on “Week 8, Day 1: Birth Day!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Wilke & Family!

    You all look amazing – and the little ladies already look like the best BIG sisters Miss Tessa Jane could have!

    Congrats to you all again!

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