The Countdown is On…

I am 38 Weeks pregnant today and I hope this is as big as my belly will get. This is my view from above.

52 Weeks :: Week 6

I hope the picture is not offensive! I think the way belly buttons stick out on pregnant women is so strange looking. Nothing I can do about it though. Aside from my crazy belly button, I am lucky in that I don’t really get stretch marks and this time around I don’t have a linea nigra, for whatever reason.

I do feel like I have dropped some. What do you think? I’ve reposted my 36 weeks belly shot (red shirt) below this week’s for comparison.

38 Weeks:
52 Weeks :: Week 6

36 Weeks, 1 Day:
52 Weeks :: Week 4, Day 7

And here’s one more look at this week’s bare belly:
52 Weeks :: Week 6

My babies tend to come right around their due date (M: 5 days late; C: 1 day early), so I am not anticipating having the baby for at least another week and a half. However, a couple of days ago, I started feeling off, so I had a mini panic attack because I was realizing that we really hadn’t done anything to get ready for the baby’s arrival. Yikes! So, Monday night I had Jonathan pull down a couple of bins of baby clothes and gear and get some things out of the attic.

After a trip to Target, a couple of loads of laundry, reassembling the swing and bouncy seat, setting up the bassinet, packing my hospital bag, packing bags (overnight and food) for the girls, and getting the infant carrier/carseat base out, I now feel like we’re physically ready the baby’s arrival (mentally ready? not sure about that…).

It’s amazing to me the logistics that go into having a baby the third time around. It seems like it should be easier, but there’s actually more involved. We don’t have family in state, so we are really having to make a plan with what we will do with the girls (some good friends of ours are on call if the baby comes before my mom arrives in two weeks). And since the girls are still so little, you can’t think, we’ll just drop them off and be on our way to the hospital. CP needs diapers and wipes; M needs pull-ups for nighttime; both need at least a change of clothes and some jammies; plus I need to provide some basic food because of their food allergies (and provide a list of foods they can eat). And we’ll need to leave our friends with our car so they have the girls’ car seats (I’m too anal about car seat safety to be comfortable with having someone else install their car seats in their car, especially since I wouldn’t be able to check them).

My next OB appointment is tomorrow and the doctor will check to see if I will be delivering the baby anytime soon. I just hope to make it to the appointment because we are under a winter weather advisory for tomorrow and could get 1″ – 4″ of snow (I know that’s nothing compared to the blizzard in the northeast or the snow other parts of the country are getting). Snow in Texas is not normal and when we get it, things generally come to a standstill. I’ll post an update after the appointment (if there is anything to report!).

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