Appointment Update

Despite the record snowfall we had (more pics to come), I made it to my OB appointment today! Driving was a little nerve racking but I did ok. I only got stuck in our slightly inclined driveway twice. 😉

Snow Day!

My appointment was supposed to be at 3:00 but I was able to go in early, before noon, so we avoided being out in the snow when it was at its worst (for driving).

At the appointment, we got to peek at the baby via ultrasound and all looks good (amniotic fluid level, heart rate, position). I’ve gained 24 pounds thus far. Dr. N did confirm that he thinks the baby has dropped and I’m one centimeter dilated. And no contractions so far (other than Braxton Hicks), but I don’t normally have contractions unless it’s the real deal.

Next appointment is next Thursday (39 weeks, 1 day). Wonder if I’ll make it to the appointment or if I’ll be in the hospital by then??

One thought on “Appointment Update

  1. Your house looks so pretty in the snow!! This is what our house looked like earlier this week. You are getting so close! I love your picture of your view of your belly. I’ll have to remember to do that next time! Can’t wait to hear the news that baby is on the way!

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