52W: January’s pages

–> This post is for those doing a Becky Higgins’ Project 365 / Project Life album like I am. If you aren’t, I’m guessing you really don’t care how I’m putting my album together. 😛 Since I like seeing how others are using the kit, I figure I’ll share how mine is coming along too.

I just couldn’t wait to get a few of my weekly layouts completed, so I got all of my pictures from January 1 – 28 printed last weekend. Pics were printed at Sam’s Club and am just ok-happy with the results, but it’s same day turn around and cheap, so it works for now. And these pictures of my album aren’t the best, but they will do to show how the album is looking so far. 🙂

For the first couple of layouts (weeks 1, 2 and 3), I used a somewhat random method of picking the journaling cards. After getting the pictures in their slots for those weeks, I didn’t like how that looked (too cluttered to me). [Pictured below]

Week 1:
52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

Week 2:
52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

Week 3:
52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

So, for the last couple of spreads (week 4), I’ve gone with a more coordinated look (header card, journaling cards and stickers are all in the same color families). I like the coordinated look MUCH better. It just seems to flow and be easier on the eyes. [Pictured below]

Week 4b:
52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

Our day at the zoo turned into a double page spread (week 4a) because I wanted to include more than just a couple of pictures. [Week 4a Pictured Below].

Week 4a:
52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

I don’t have enough extra divided page protectors to do this again for other special occassions, so I will add 8.5×11 page protectors to the album when the time comes that I want to focus on a specific day or event (I have these divided and non-divided page protectors coming my way). I thought about using other 12×12 page protectors but the ones I have on hand are a little bigger than the PL ones and having just a few pages stick out more than the rest bothered me.

I’ve already gone ahead and put the rest of the year’s header cards and journaling cards in place to make sure I had enough of all of the colors to go the color-coordinated route. I’ve also already filled out my header cards (dates and added the week number) for the year. The more I can do now to help complete the album, the more likely I will have a finished album when the end of the year rolls around (unlike the DIY Project 365 album from 2009 that I am still working on). [Next week’s empty, but color coordinated :), pages pictured below]

Week 5:
52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

I’d like to do a little something extra for the first and last pages, but I haven’t figured out what yet. So, those pages are generic-looking for now. [Title Page Pictured Below]

52 Weeks :: Sample Pages

I don’t plan on doing much personalizing to my kit and am basically using it as-is (I’m not even taking the time to round my corners so that the cards and pictures line up front to back).  I’ve seen examples of others who are really personalizing their kits and while I like how theirs looks better, I know that I don’t have the time or energy for that. At this point, it’s more important for me to finish the album than to make it look perfect. The one thing I have done is add the number of the week (in sticker/rub-on format) to each header card. The only reason I did that is because I am focusing on 52 WEEKS in 2010.

The only other anal-retentive thing I’m doing is placing the header card in the bottom right slot when that week contains the start of the month. For the rest of the month’s weeks, the header card is in the top left. For special weeks (like our zoo week), the header card will go in the top right to differentiate it. My *logic* for doing all of that is I figured it could help me find certain layouts easily while quickly flipping through the album.

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