52 weeks in 2010

In 2009, I completed Project 365 which involved taking a picture (almost) every day and documenting the process in my Project 365 blog (and later in a physical photo album).

In 2010, I still want to take pictures regularly but do not think I can keep up with one a day again. Instead, I am focusing on taking pictures each week. I will be documenting our 52 Weeks in 2010 on this blog and then using Becky Higgins’ NEW Project Life kit (pictured to the right) to house the pictures later.

Even though I’m focusing on weekly pictures instead of daily, I anticipate having almost the same number of pictures at the end of 2010 as I did in 2009. How’s that you say? I will still be pulling my camera out frequently and taking a lot of pictures of our growing family; but this time I may end up with four or five from a single day instead of selecting just one. I’m aiming to average about five per week. I’ll document my pictures (+ captions) for each week in a single blog post. I’ll also tag those posts with 52 Weeks, that way, you can view all of the posts together. Or, if you just want to see the pictures all in one place, you can view the flickr set here.

After a year of daily *pressure* to take a picture, it is nice not to feel obligated to take a picture each day. Ironically, I’ve taken pictures three out of the four days this year so far. However, there are and will be some days, like today, where we are just lounging around inside (too cold to go outside! It’s currently 36° with a wind chill of 30°) and I struggle to find something of interest to take a picture of. Since I took a lot of pictures over the weekend, those will fill out our first week in pictures post quite nicely.

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