Mission: Confirmation

I couldn’t stand the uncertainty of not knowing for sure if our next child is a girl, so I made an appointment for a 2D ultrasound at Stork Vision, a prenatal imaging center. The appointment was scheduled for today, a Saturday, so that meant the whole family could go.

When we arrived the office was running a little behind so they said we could get a couple of peeks at the baby in 3D/4D to make up for it. I hadn’t ever had a 3D/4D ultrasound so it was interesting to see the baby as a three dimensional figure, albeit still a bit alien-like since she doesn’t have a lot of fat/padding under her skin.

After a lot of prodding and searching, the ultrasound tech finally felt confident to identify the baby as a girl. It took awhile to reach that conclusion because the baby had her legs close together, was facing the placenta and wasn’t doing a lot of moving. It just took a little patience on our part (and skill of the technician) to be able to get a good view. In the picture below, the top left box has a bottom view of the baby with the white lines indicating we are indeed having another girl. The picture is a montage of different shots from the ultrasound, both 2D (black and white) and 3D (brownish). We got the images on CD which is pretty cool — no scanning or picture taking required to have them digitally.

In the end, I feel very confident that the baby is a girl. Yay!!


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