not a boy!


Ok, so that’s not really what the doctor said during the ultrasound, but that’s how I took it. The doctor spent a lot of time looking for boy parts. He didn’t find any, so he figured the baby is a girl. Girls are more than “not a boy;” girls have parts too. We didn’t see those parts; I even asked, “aren’t there supposed to be three lines (hamburger sign) for a girl?” He said yes but he couldn’t find them. And the baby’s legs were wide open, so it wasn’t like the view was bad.

Ultrasound at 18 weeks, 3 days

Image from MALLORY's anatomy scan. See? There are girl parts.

So while the doctor says the baby is a girl, I think there’s still a chance, albeit very slim, that the baby is a boy. I’m still returning the baby boy clothes though. This uncertainty makes me want to pay for another ultrasound to get real confirmation one way or the other. Maybe in a month I’ll do that.

And, we only got one picture of our baby. I think the doctor was in a rush because I had to ask the doctor for a picture; otherwise we wouldn’t have any. Strange, as we got at least a half a dozen pictures from the anatomy scans with Mallory and Chelsea.

18w1d Ultrasound

Other than a bit of uncertainty, the baby looks great; healthy and measuring correctly. That’s all we can ask for really.

So, the news of another baby girl in our family is starting to sink in. I was really gearing up for adding a boy to the mix (even calling the baby “he” a few times) but am absolutely thrilled with the idea of three sisters so close in age. What fun they will have and we’ll for sure have lots of drama in our future. If the three get along as well as the two, then we will be blessed beyond belief.

ETA: I am not disappointed in the least bit that we are having another girl; quite the opposite really. I have always loved the idea of having three little girls, but was worried that I’d be *disappointed* if it didn’t happen that way. And in the beginning I was a little nervous to be a boy-mamma but I thought it would be very unfair and selfish to feel any kind of disappointment when finding out the gender and that‘s why I was trying to get used to the idea of having a boy. By the time the ultrasound rolled around, I felt a boy would fit into the family great — especially because he’d have two big sisters to mother look after him. A boy sounded like fun. We won’t get to find out what it’s like to have a boy (unless through some miracle) because we don’t see us having four children. My only disappointment from the ultrasound comes from not feeling certain on the baby’s gender. I am a planner and I don’t like surprises. I’d just like to feel confident one way or the other. (And I do know that ultrasound gender predictions can be wrong and nothing is 100 percent certain). 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s…

  1. Now, I have known a few people to have a wrong ultrasound. Maybe it was just too early to tell for sure? I can understand you wanting a boy because that’s how bad I want another girl. I never had a sister and it’s looking like my daughter will never have a sister, either. I’m amazed by people like you who are capable of producing more than one girl! I will say this, though. I had a revelation after Jonah (#4) was born. I believe that God gives us what we NEED over what we think we WANT. He knows us better than we know ourselves!

  2. I’m so excited for you guys! Having 3 girls so close in age will be so much fun. With that said, I definitely think that you should have another ultrasound because you never know especially with the doctor saying that he didn’t necessarily see the girl parts. Those boy parts could have just been hidden! Either way, you guys are blessed so much!

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