In less than a week…

…actually in just five days, we will get another peek at the baby to see how he/she is growing and hopefully find out the gender (I’ll be 18 weeks then). Of course, we will be happy with either outcome and just want a healthy baby in the end. But naturally, thinking of the future with a boy or another girl has crossed our minds many times.

Ultrasound at 18 weeks, 3 days

Picture from Mallory's ultrasound. Look at her little up-turned nose!

I would be perfectly happy with another girl and surprisingly so would Jonathan. I already feel like I know what I am doing with girls and we basically have everything we need (poor child could be wearing hand-me-downs until she went to college!). But the idea of adding a boy to the mix is intriguing… and something I’m thinking about more.

This pregnancy has been a little different from the previous two. The “differences” could be that this is my third pregnancy so things are a little different each time naturally or that I don’t have the best recollection of the first two pregnancies or a combination of both.

19 weeks, 4 days

Pregnant with Mallory above; already showing more than this at 17 weeks, this time around.


  • Belly. I am showing much sooner this time; already with a noticeable bump at 17 weeks. This may be because my body knows what to do, so is ready to pop sooner. Or it could just be that I’m about 20 pounds heavier 😦 than I was the first two times (how did that happen?!?). But strangely enough, I haven’t gained any weight yet, so where does the baby bump come from??
  • Sick, sick, sick. It has only been in the last two weeks that I haven’t felt sick every single day. That last week of feeling sick was a doozy because I was physically getting sick at least once a day (and for more than a day and a half could not keep anything down, even water). Then I became BFF with Zofran and I felt normal for the first time since before Independence Day.
  • Easier (in a way). This pregnancy hasn’t affected my body the way the other two did. With the first two, I ended up having several-times-daily episodes of rapid heart beat (tachycardia). With the last pregnancy it got to the point where my OB sent me to a cardiologist to get checked out to make sure everything was ok (it was; it’s just a *feature* of my heart). Dealing with the tachycardia got old though; I’d walk from my car to inside a store and have to sit down to rest because I felt like I was going to pass out or I’d have to sit down while cooking dinner because I felt faint. And, for whatever reason, from early on I couldn’t lay on my back because it made me feel ill and/or faint (something to do with the womb/baby putting pressure on blood supply lines). For both big ultrasounds (at 17 weeks for M and 21 weeks for C), I was only able to lay on my back for a short amount of time; then I had to lay on my side for the duration of the exam. This time? I have no problems (thus far) with either issue: no rapid heart beat and I can still lay (sleep even) on my back without issue. I’m guessing my body has changed somehow on the inside so that the baby isn’t putting pressure on that blood supply or maybe the womb is lower?? Who knows…
Big Belly -- 38w6d

December 25, 2007: A week shy of Chelsea's birth day. It's strange to think that Chelsea is currently the same age as Mal in this picture (20.5 months). I think it's good that Chelsea has some extra time before a new baby enters the house (she'll be almost 26 months at the due date). She needs it!

So, because of the differences this time around, I am having a feeling, albeit slight, that this baby is a boy. I am feeling it enough that I have purchased a good bit of baby boy clothes (only because Gymboree was having their Baby Sale and I wanted to take advantage of the deals while I could and I couldn’t pass up the $2.27 shirts!). I am saving all receipts and will take everything back if need be. It’ll be a little embarrassing but I’ll get over it. Jonathan thinks I’m jinxing things by my premature boy shopping. I say nothing is going to change the gender of the child by me purchasing little blue clothes. On Thursday we’ll (hopefully) find out one way or the other.


Big sister knows a baby is coming and is excited. Little sister has no clue and doesn't realize how much her world is going to change, especially considering how much she is attached to her mama.

Mallory says she wants a “sis-tah” and Chelsea wants a “bwuh-dah” (she likes to tell us Chelsea’s preferences on a lot of things even though Chelsea only has a few words). For awhile Mallory thought we were getting both, but now understands there is only one baby in mommy’s belly or belly button (she gets confused sometimes).

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