I generally don’t do facebook/email type of forwards like answering 20 questions (not really sure why), but I saw this version of that kind of thing in one of my new favorite blogs I follow. I thought it was funny and since my name is somewhat unique, I wasn’t sure of the results.

Here’s how to play… do a Google search using the phrase “unfortunately, _____” and insert your first name in the blank (and make sure to quote the phrase). Then post the somewhat odd results.

Here are mine:

  • Unfortunately, Lucia’s future husband and in-laws weren’t very happy with her actions.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia died on tour in 1890 when the train in which she was traveling became stalled in a mountain snowstorm.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia’s horse Merlin, arriving separately, didn’t adapt.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia’s fears motivated an unreasonable attack on Anna and now they are stuck trying to work through a problem seriously clouded by anger.
  • Unfortunately Lucia was no help, simply saying that she knew his birth mother who gave him up to give him a better life.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia may not realize this million-dollar dream.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia has an adrenal tumor & a mast cell tumor on her left front paw.
  • Fortunately or unfortunately, Lucia’s partner is a schoolgirl that has the capacity to see these demons, called Viruses.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia was put off by Janaff constantly pointing out dark spots and oily areas in her skin and so the relationship ended rather quickly.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia is already in love with Sir Edgardo, whose father has been slain earlier by Enrico.
  • Unfortunately, Lucia’s family has been blessed with the most horrid of luck, and all of her family has died in a series of unfortunate accidents.
  • And my favorite –> Unfortunately, Lucia recently discontinued (at least for now) her nude modeling.

Now, you try it. If you do, post a comment and link me to your results so I can see what your name is unfortunately up to. 🙂

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