Where do I start?

I reallllllly want to declutter several rooms/areas in our house but I don’t even know how to start. I know the process will turn the rooms and surrounding areas upside for awhile and that prospect makes me nervous. I am fantastic at starting projects but have a hard time finishing them. So, I picture just massive upheaval that sticks with us for months. Then I think, clutter is better than massive upheaval which leaves me thinking status quo is ok.

And in regard to my other resolutions,

  • the working out is going ok.
    Last week I only worked out twice but am starting this week out right with a workout today; I’m hoping to get four workouts in this week to make up for last. I am finding it hard to time when to work out since Chelsea takes a morning and afternoon nap (~2 hours each), the latter which sometimes coincides with Mallory’s afternoon nap (1.5-3 hours depending on the day). Then add to that, the gym has childcare from 9-1 only. By 9 Chelsea is about ready to go down for her morning nap. I wish childcare was open at 8, then we could be home a little after 9 for C to take her nap. They do have childcare time in the late afternoon, but I don’t even attempt that because my desire to workout lessens as the day goes on and the afternoon is even more unpredictable depending on how long the naps last and who is grumpy or not.

    Now, nevermind the idea that I sometimes need to run normal errands (not the quick kind). When that happens, then fitting in time for the gym and errands on the same day isn’t likely. I really value my girls’ nap times (as a rest for them AND me). I try to make sure Chelsea gets her two naps a day. However, there are times (lately it’s been once a week) when C has to get by on just one nap a day (days when there are places we need to be or errands that have to be run). And I always make sure to be home at some point in the afternoon for Mallory’s nap. She can get very grumpy without one.

    I know I’m not the only mom with 2 (or more) children with sometimes conflicting nap schedules that is trying to go to the gym on a regular basis. I wonder how they (you?) do it? Any tips?

  • photography is going great!
    I am keeping up with taking pictures daily(!), but I have fallen behind with posting them daily (at most one day behind). I have also delved into photography forums and blogs to try and learn as much as I can (just reading right now, not posting just yet). I have learned this much so far: I thankful for my graphic design background (i.e. Photoshop knowledge and working experience with the program; I’ve been using it for almost 12 years) and the B&W photography course I took in college. I took the B&W course when film cameras were the norm and I had to process the film and develop the pictures in a darkroom myself. That experience has given a fairly decent understanding of photography (granted it was almost 12 years ago, so I don’t remember everything). Again, still lots to learn but I feel I have a good start.

I know I had some other resolutions; have to go and look them up!

  • financial plan and the clothing budget… (those are kinda related, right?)
    Well, we are working on our financial plan kinda (yay!) and I stink at sticking to a clothing budget for the girls (boo!). As a challenge to myself, I am going on a hiatus of buying clothes for the girls for the 3 next months — end of April  (hopefully longer). Well, an almost-hiatus… The hiatus doesn’t count shoes, since Mallory will need new spring/summer shoes when her feet grow; and Chelsea might need another pair or two for the spring/summer (she’ll use some hand me downs from Mallory if they fit ok). And, I’m giving myself a $40 *emergency* fund budget per month if I realize the girls need something that they don’t have. I will have to give good reason to spend the *emergency* funds though. There is one more catch to this… I may allow myself to shop with *rewards* that I earn from my credit card — we buy everything with ou credit cards (and pay them off each month) to earn points/rewards/miles. Still iffy on that point though. We’ll see.

    Outfitting the girls in cute clothes has become a silly hobby of mine. I’ll miss the shopping because of this challenge but we will easily survive this hiatus because the girls have plenty of clothes for spring and summer already. Reason? I love finding fantastic deals at the end of the season and stocking up for the next year (I hope to post about these deals at some point to show how cheaply I can get great quality clothes). So, Mallory is all set because I bought her spring and summer wardrobe for this year, last year. Chelsea has a lot of hand-me-downs from Mallory plus she has some new things too.

    You might wonder why I’m even posting about my quasi no spend challenge here. It’s a bit personal. But, I’m hoping this post will make me even more accountable over the next three months. Wish me luck!

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