A whole new perspective

So, Christmas has come and gone as has New Year’s Day (Happy Birthday Chelsea! more on that later) so now it’s time for all of those resolutions to be listed and followed or ignored. This year I am highly optimistic that I can follow them. My list is below and it’s been going well so far.

  • Exercise
    • Quit Gymboree Play & Music classes for Mallory and instead…
    • Sign up to a gym for me* (girls can play in the childcare area instead of at Gymboree and it’s cheaper than Gymboree and it’s a healthy thing I’m doing for me) and workout at least 3x/week –> Signed up yesterday; first work out today; will call Gymboree tomorrow! More on this later…
  • Photography
    • Take 1 picture a day this year then compile “a year in the life” photo album (not scrapbook) –> so far so good! It’s only the 5th day of the month though.
    • Work on building out a quasi-portfolio to see if I really want to pursue photography as a business. This means taking lots and lots of pictures of family and friends. –>  I’ve already had one shoot which I enjoyed and I’m relatively happy with the photos.
  • Schedules! Try to get into a routine with laundry, exercise and cleaning. Any progress here would be a huge improvement from what I’m doing now. Ack.
  • Projects
    • Finish up Mallory’s Rocking Chair scrapbook
    • Start Chelsea’s Rocking Chair scrapbook
    • Compile and print pictures from Mallory’s first 2 years (to put into photo album and baby book)
    • Compile and print pictures from Chelsea’s first year
    • I think I have more to add here but I am blanking…
  • Clean Sweep of our STUFF
    • go through each room and find things to get rid of (into the trash or for massive garage sale). Concentrate on laundry room, master closet/bedroom, craft room, holiday decor and garage. I am ready to get rid of things that we haven’t used in years.
  • Stick to Clothing Budget for the girls. Wish me luck!
  • Plus some others like figuring out family things like creating a will, updating our financial plan, setting up a regular (monthly? every other week?) date night with a babysitter.

*The interesting thing I discovered by working out today (something I haven’t done in YEARS) is that I used to dread working out because I saw it as a task, something I had to do. I would try and get done with it as fast as I could. Now, I am seeing it in a whole new light. It is a time for me to have some time to myself. I found my old self wanting to rush me through my workout today, but I had to change my thinking, because why was I rushing?? The girls were happily playing in the other room (I did peek in on them and they were hard at play) and I had time to kill (what’s that?).  By mid workout I was able to relish in being able to do some cardio, strength training and stretching all without some little one jumping on me, calling for me, crying, and/or wanting me to play with them. I’m now loving the idea of working out and what I’ll be able to get out of it. This will also be the first time that my primary reason for working out is not to lose weight. Sure, it would be a nice benefit, but it’s not my focus. I am doing it do be healthy and to get some time for myself.

What are your resolutions? Are you in the mood to stick to them? At this moment, I am. 🙂

One thought on “A whole new perspective

  1. okay, first of all, i’m super proud of your resolutions. getting to the gym is a task, but you do have to think of it as YOU time. I love going to the gym! in fact, there are weeks when i find myself there at least 4 or 5 times!

    i would have to say that all of my resolutions are kind of the same, but the one about the will and financial planning…not so much. good idea, though, because it’s something i never think about. my other big one is to stop eating so much junk, but so far, not so good.

    good luck!

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