Project: Dress-up Clothes

I am on a mission…

to collect your outdated, ill-fitting, extra clothing items and accessories that a little girl would love to use for dress-up clothes.

I’m sure the easiest way to start a collection of dress-up clothes would be to go to:

Go0dwill, but I think it would be neat to get these items from people we know. That would mean more to us


T0ys ‘R Us, but I’m trying to stay away from Di$ney pr!ncesses and that seems to be what most commercially available “dress-up” clothes are centered around.

Instead, I want your discards! Go through your closets and see if you have something I’m looking for that you don’t need anymore. If I don’t live near you, I’d pay the postage to get it to me. The added bonus is it’s good for the environment — reduce, reuse, recycle!

I did a little research (if you can call it that) about building a dress-up clothes wardrobe and then did some brainstorming. My list of ideas and wants is at the end of this post. I am looking for all types of things… things that cater to girls AND boys and everything in between. Obviously I can’t have, nor have space for, everything on the list. This list is here to give you some ideas. Do you see anything on here that you have but you don’t want any more?? If so, please let me know! 🙂

Clothing Items

  • men’s/boys’ suits: (holes/stained ok!) whatever you have; the funkier the better
  • shirts: flannel, polyester, Hawaiian, brightly colored, funky, black/white stripes, etc.
  • pants: bell bottom, brightly colored, khaki, denim, white, black, plaid, funky, sweatpants (easily alterable), etc.
  • dresses: flowing, formal (prom/bridesmaid), casual, sundress
  • vests: suit, camo, down/puffer
  • short silky robe/nightgown
  • artist smock
  • overalls
  • fur stole
  • socks (the funkier, the better): knee, sports, striped, etc.
  • cape
  • skirts (elastic waist preferably): short, long, pleated, straight, poodle
  • uniforms: boy/girl scouts, mechanic, basketball, soccer, fast food, baseball, cheerleading, sports jerseys, etc.
  • shorts: bermuda, khaki
  • ballet gear: leotards, ballet slippers, tutu


  • costume jewelry: necklaces (Gasparilla/Mardi Gras?), big bracelets, rings, earrings (clip on)
  • shoes: smaller women’s shoes, short high heals, boys lace-up, sneakers, smaller men’s shoes
  • boots: rubber boots, cowboy boots, rain boots
  • headbands
  • watches (men’s or women’s): elastic band preferably (broken ok!)
  • hats: cowboy, crown, tiarra, pointy (witch/wizard, princess), baseball, men’s, top, pith helmet, hardhat, straw
  • ties/bow tie: the funkier, the better; clip-on ok too!
  • suspenders
  • belts
  • lab coat
  • apron: full or half
  • purses/evening bag (smaller scale, preferably): fancy, every day, funky!
  • wallets: men’s or women’s
  • plastic eye glasses (I’ll pop out the lenses to keep them safe and usable)
  • plastic sunglasses
  • gloves: long/short fancy, work, rubber, winter
  • scarves/sarong: fancy, winter, any color
  • feather boa

Random Things:

  • cell phone/home phone (broken ok! the older the better)
  • film camera (broken ok! the older the better)
  • magnifying glass (broken ok, as long as not falling apart since that would be dangerous)
  • binoculars (broken ok!)
  • old date book
  • receipt pad
  • menu from a restaurant
  • large calculator (broken ok!)
  • chopsticks (to use as a wand, teacher’s pointer)
  • wooden broom (small)
  • badges/nametags (I can alter them to make them kid safe)
  • keys
  • maps (old, out dated ok)
  • eye patch
  • brief case/attache (smaller scale): condition – whatever you have!
  • wand
  • wigs
  • masks
  • dog collar/leash (relatively clean or cleanable)
  • white/light colored sheets (to make togas or ghosts out of): can have stains or be partial sheets
  • clip board (old style with brown base, metal clasp)

And, if you’re wondering what can be done with all of the items listed above, this is what they could become!

  • prom queen: fancy dress, high heals, purse
  • cowboy/girl: flannel shirt, jeans, bandanna, belt
  • tourist: hawaiian shirt, bermuda shorts, sunglasses, maps, camera
  • clown/hobo: oversized shoes, long wide polka dot tie, brightly colored pants/shirt, suspenders. think polka dots, stripes, patterns all mixed
  • daddy”: tie, jacket, pants, shoes, shirt, calculator, computer
  • hippie: bell-bottomed pants, platform shoes, a polyester shirt, beads
  • gypsy: with a flowing dress, hoop earrings, beads, bracelets, scarf or shawl.
  • ghost: white sheet w/ eye holes
  • supergirl/boy: cape, leotard, gold belt, tights, mask
  • princess: fancy dress, wand, point hat/crown, high heals
  • ballerina: leotard, tutu, ballet slippers
  • doctor: scrubs, lab coat
  • baseball/softball player: baseball hat, jersey, white pants, socks
  • scientist: white lab coat, glasses, glove
  • zoo keeper/safari: khaki shorts, khaki shirt, badge, hat
  • dog: collar, leash, hat with ears, sweatsuit with spots
  • farmer: overalls, plaid shirt, strawhat
  • train conductor: shirt, red hankercheif, hat, whistle
  • fighter pilot: flight suit, boots, sunglasses
  • airline pilot: suit, wings pin, hat, sunglasses
  • waitress: apron, hat, skirt, short sleeve white shirt
  • referee: black/white stripe shirt, white pants, black, whistle, yellow flag
  • cave girl: leopard print wrap, bone necklace,
  • greek god: toga (white sheet), crown of leaves
  • magician: black coat, pants, white shirt, bow tie, top hat, wand

I’ll transform adult clothes by:

  • shortening long dresses by hemming or cutting them with pinking shears
  • adjusting straps on dresses/tops so that they won’t fall off a smaller body
  • shortening sleeves by rolling or cutting them off
  • shrinking large items in the washer and dryer
  • replacing clasps and buttons with velcro for easy on/off

I’ll want to make a few things from *trash*

  • strong cardboard tube: telescope
  • heavy duty cardboard: sworn

One thought on “Project: Dress-up Clothes

  1. OH! I think I can definitely help out, and it would be a great idea to clean out the closets! I even have old halloween costumes in there from like 3 years ago! I have a cheerleading costume and some old dresses that i will never wear again, and i’m sure Chris has tons of stuff that he won’t ever wear again. We’ll have to get together this month so I can dump all this stuff on you.

    Great Idea!

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