Chelsea – Rocking Chair – 9 months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 9 months

Wow, she’s getting so big! Another month has flown by and Chelsea’s sitting in her rocking chair again. It is hard to believe that she’s three quarters of the way through her first year. On with the update…

We’re aren’t getting anywhere with her eating solid foods. In fact, I would say she’s regressed. She just keeps spitting the food out now that I’ve made it just a tiny bit thicker. I’ve also tried straight stage 1 fruits. At first I thought she liked it, but now she doesn’t. I guess I’ll have to go back to the water with just a bit of cereal. Oh and I’m also trying to get her to take liquids (milk/water/juice) from a sippy cup/bottle/straw and again, no success. She seemed to like soy milk one drop at a time, but I’m not going to feed her with a dropper like she’s a baby bird.

Not only is Chelsea pulling up to a standing position seemingly all of the time, but in the last week she’s started to cruise the furniture. And she can stand in place without holding onto anything for a short amount of time so she’s getting more steady on her feet. It won’t be long before she takes her first steps, I predict.

Standing Up

She’s teething! Chelsea’s two bottom teeth are making their way through her gums. Her top gums seem swollen so I wouldn’t be surprised if her top teeth appear soon too.

TWO teeth!

Sleeping… hmm. She’ll get a mixed review here. Her morning and afternoon naps are generally about 2 hours each, give or take. And she was sleeping through the night for a couple of months. However, in the last couple of weeks she’s been waking at 4a, 5a or 6a. After I feed her, she will go back to sleep, but it’s not fun for me be woken up before morning. In the past I would have let her fuss and she would have gone back to sleep. But we’ve moved her into the nursery which is right next to Mallory’s room, so I’m afraid to let her cry for any amount of time because then I’ll have two awake girls on my hands. I am very tempted to set the pack’n’play back up in the guest room and have her sleep in there again so she can fuss without waking up her sister. I’ll give it a couple more nights before I go the PnP route.

Chelsea is now taking baths in the big bath tub. After a test run alone, she now bathes with Mallory. They both seem to enjoy being in there together.

First Big Tub Bath

She’s a bit quirky! Chelsea already likes to dance. She moves her head, shoulders and torso when she hears music she likes. And for whatever reason she will sometimes tilt her head sideways when she’s looking at you, almost the way a dog will if he hears something strange. It is so sweet looking when she does it. She’s also very noisy and makes a lot of da-da-da, ma-ma-ma, deh-deh-deh and nah-nah-nah sounds. She is just as sweet as ever, except when you take something away from her. She then throws a little fit. And like most babies, she seems to find the smallest bit of dirt, fuzz or Cheerios dropped by Mal and immediately puts it in her mouth. We are constantly checking her mouth to see what goodies are in there. Now that she has two teeth, that’s a dangerous venture!

Chelsea Girl

I guess that is it. Happy Fall!

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