Chelsea – Rocking Chair – 8 months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 8 months

I am late once again in posting Chelsea’s rocking chair picture and doing an update on her. Status quo for me, I guess! This is what she is up to:

Teething! While you can hardly see them, you can definitely feel her two bottom teeth making their way through her gums. She isn’t showing any signs of teething from what I can tell. No excessive drooling or discomfort or chewing on things. I mean, she does like to put everything in her mouth, but that’s normal.

Standing up. Chelsea will pull up to a standing position on anything; he fridge, chairs, tables, me, a step, Mallory… truly anything. She isn’t cruising yet and she isn’t stable enough to let go and stand, but she is definitely getting stronger.


Success with baby food! It’s only been in the last three days that Chelsea has accepted very watery oatmeal baby cereal in her mouth without spitting it out. After many many attempts at getting her to eat something, I decided to try just water to see if she would take that. Well, she did. So the next time I added just a bit of cereal to the water. I’ve made the watery cereal mixture thicker each time and she’s still taking it. She hasn’t quite got the hang of eating solids yet, but she is eating it, so I consider that success. I’ve also mixed in some stage 1 apple baby food and sweet potatoes and she seems to like those too. I’m not sure if I am going to do homemade baby food the way I did with Mal. At this point buying jars of food sounds much more appealing to me than making a mess at home. We’ll see.

Sleeping is pretty good, kinda. She takes 2 naps, each about 2 hours (~9:30a-11:30a and ~3:00p-5:00p). As long as she isn’t over tired, then she goes right to sleep when I put her down. Generally she goes to bed for the night around 7:30p and wakes up a little before 7a. She’s been sleeping through the night for more than a month now and that’s been so nice. HOWEVER, the last three nights she’s woken up in hysterics between 4am-5am. Not fun. The timing coincides with her starting to eat solid foods. I’m not sure if that is the reason, but I have decided to only do solids for lunch to encourage her to feed well before bed.

A little temper. She is starting to hate being put in her carrier carseat if she’s a little tired or just a little hungry. Sometimes we’ll be out doing errands and we need to get back home for her nap or for her to eat and she’ll throw a big fit when I try to get her back in her carrier carseat. For that reason and since she’s getting heavy to cart around in the carrier, I’ll be moving her up to Mallory’s current carseat and Mallory is getting a new carseat, a pretty girly one (pictured right)! I ordered it yesterday so that I could take advantage of the sale on Britax seats. (If you are in the market for a new Britax carseat, now is the time to order. Order at Amazon (free ship and no tax) and pay with a Visa. Then enter the promo code “visababy” to take another 10% off your order. More details on the Britax sale here.).

I guess that’s it. I haven’t taken many pictures this month. I will be better next month.

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