Chelsea – Rocking Chair – 7 months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 7 months

Yikes, this month has gotten away from me and I’m just now posting Chelsea’s 7 month rocking chair picture. She’ll be 8 months in a week! The picture was taken just after she turned 7 months though. 🙂

What is our growing baby up to, you might wonder? Let’s see…

She’s sleeping through the night, consistently! Last month she tricked me and only slept through the night for about a week. It wasn’t until this month started that she figured out it was ok that she didn’t eat in the middle of the night. Not having to get up in the middle of the night is such a relief. I guess Chelsea must like sleeping in the pack ‘n play in the guest room. We’ve tried to get Mal to nap in the big girl room big bed a couple of times, but she gets out of the bed non-stop. I don’t think she’s ready. She’s not interested in leaving her crib one bit. (For my notes… C goes to bed ~7:30p and wakes around 7a. Morning nap ~9:30-11:30; Afternoon nap: 1:30-4:00. She goes down SO easily. I can put her down awake or asleep and she doesn’t complain either way. If she’s already kind of asleep, she rolls right to her belly when I put her down. If she’s still awake, I put her lovee on her chest, which she immediately grabs, then turn on her Sleep Sheep (white noise machine), close the door and she’s down for the night/nap.)

She’s pulling up! Chelsea has been crawling all over the place since right after she turned 6 months. That lead to her propping herself up on her knees which in turn has lead her to pulling up to a standing position on the couch/us/the ottoman. She’s not very stable when she’s standing and holding on, but is mighty proud. When I go in to get her after she’s woken up, she’s normally up on her knees with her hands on the side of the pack ‘n play. She looks like such a big girl getting around up and down the way she does.

She loves her sister and her sister loves her. They interact more and more, making each other laugh. Mallory thinks it’s especially funny when Chelsea gets the hiccups. Mallory also wants to make sure she gives “Key” (Chelsea) a kiss before bed.

She still hasn’t taken to eating any kind of baby food. I’ve tried mixing the rice cereal with water, then apple juice, later tried adding a squished banana; then later tried just the banana. No luck. If you can get any in her mouth, she either immediately spits it back out or holds it in her mouth, then spits it out later. I need to try some different foods (oatmeal cereal or some sweet butternut squash) to see if I can get her interested. Other than that, she’s a great *eater* (read: milk drinker). She’s not on any kind of schedule; I just feed her when she acts hungry. She’s growing well though as she’s solidly in 6-12 month clothes and in size 3 diapers.
Messy Face

Chelsea is a very sweet content baby (as long as she isn’t hungry!). She makes a lot of noise (dadadada) and clicks her tongue. She always has a smile to share. We even think she dances a little (she’s done it a few times, moving her torso back and forth, with music). She’s been out to eat with us a lot and is great. I’ve just started sitting her up in the high chair and she loves that. She patiently sits (90% of the time) in her carrier during Mallory’s 50 minute Play & Music class. I’m going to start Chelsea in a class after Mallory starts *school* in September. I’d take two babies like Chelsea any day. We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful little girl.

Oh, and I realize I haven’t mentioned anything about her skin lately. She still has eczema over a good portion on her body (thighs, ankles/feet, back of neck, arms, little bit on chest), so she doesn’t have that baby smooth skin, but it’s calmed down a lot from when it was at its worst. She doesn’t scratch it as much either. In the last month the remnants of her cradle cap have disappeared too. So, it’s getting better, albeit slowly.

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