Chelsea – Rocking Chair – 6 months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 6 months

Happy Half-Birthday CP! Chelsea is making a lot of progress this month – sleeping, crawling, sitting up, clearer skin. And look how big she looks in her rocking chair!

Chelsea is becoming a great sleeper. She is still sleeping in the P’n’P in the guest room (I’m in no hurry to move Mal from her crib). She had been waking about once a night around 3 or 4 to eat, then after feeding her, I’d keep her in our room in the bassinet to finish sleeping. She can be a noisy sleeper, so I’d usually wheel the bassinet to the master closet (which is a good size) so we could all sleep better. Well, Chelsea’s sleeping has gotten even better in the last week; I hope it continues into a habit! She’s been sleeping for 11 hours STRAIGHT the last three nights (8p-7a). I hope I’m not jinxing myself for typing that. I’m LOVING not having to get up in the middle of the night. Mallory didn’t sleep through the night like that until she was 9 months (granted though, she’d sleep from 6:30p-8a and wake once and I didn’t mind since she slept 13+ hours). In the picture below, I captured Chelsea falling asleep curled up in a little ball, which was a funny sight. She normally rolls over onto her belly right away and sleeps that way.
Curled up

She’s officially crawling. When she turned 6 months, Chelsea was already good at rocking back and forth on her hands on knees. She was also good at spinning around on her belly and could move pretty well just sorta scooching around. At around 6 months 1 week, she started trying to crawl, usually moving with a purpose to get her hands on something. At first it was lift one arm in the air, pause, put it down, lift the other arm, then fall forward on the ground on her belly. Then start over. Now she can crawl 5 or 6 times before she falls. And she no longer stays on her quilt. In fact it’s like a reverse magnet for her. I think she tries to get to the edge and off as fast as she can. <<I’m wondering now if this means I’ll have another late talker on my hands, since Mal started crawling around 6 months and is probably a good 12 months behind in her verbal development.>>
Might be a Crawling Champ!

Chelsea can tolerate, and likes, sitting up for a minute or two on her own before she gently topples over. Even Mallory gets excited to see her sitting like that. I think Chelsea likes the concept of sitting up (so she doesn’t have to strain so much to look around), but it’s still hard for her — hard to keep her balance and hard because she doesn’t have the stomach/back muscles yet to sit up very straight.

Sitting Up!

Chelsea’s skin is doing better. Cradle cap is not an issue (not completely clear, but not something I even notice any more). She doesn’t seem as itchy and her skin isn’t as irritated-looking. Some parts feel softer (cheeks and some belly), but she still has a lot of rough patches (arms, legs and back). I’ll continue using steroid cream and prescription hydrating gel/lotions to soothe her crusty skin.

Her well-baby check was today. She is doing a great job growing — 17.2 pounds (65% tile), 26.8 inches (76% tile) and head circumference 17.5 (91% tile). She’s basically out of all her 3-6 month clothes and we’re on our last pack of Swaddlers size 2 diapers (love those diapers — so soft and a nice fragrance — and will be sad to switch to bigger baby diapers!). We still haven’t started cereal with her only due to Mal’s food history. I’ll try in the next few days. I guess I need to get a booster seat for Mal so the highchair can be Chelsea’s alone. I probably need to transition Mallory first so she doesn’t have an y issues with Chelsea sitting in her chair. Hmm.

I guess that is it. Until next month… hopefully I can get a few more pictures up between now and then. šŸ˜›

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