Chelsea – Rocking Chair – 5 Months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 5 Months

Another month has passed by us quickly and now Chelsea is 5 months old (actually 5.5 months as I write this post), so it’s time for another rocking chair picture and post. Chelsea is such a content, happy baby. You can look at her from across the room and she’ll laugh out loud at you or in the least, give you a big smile. Where’d this baby come from? She’s such a sweet girl.

Some other points of interest for me, so I can remember later:

She’s starting to sleep better! In the last week and a half she’s been sleeping longer at night. She goes down between 7:30-8:30p (just depends on the night and if Jonathan is in town or not) and lately she sleeps until at least 3a. Yay!! I hope this trend continues. And to give her some credit, she’s always gone to sleep well (just put her down when the time’s right) and she takes great naps. Oh and she’s now sleeping in the guest room in the pack-n-play, at least until she wakes up at 3a, then she’s in our room. She’ll generally sleep until around 6a, then she’s awake for a little while (and noisy! more on this below) and hungry. After eating, she’ll generally sleep again until 9ish.

We have a babbler on our hands. When she wakes up at 6a, she’s wide awake and ready to *talk*. She does a lot of babbling now, all throughout the day. Maybe we should have named her Gabby. šŸ™‚

Chelsea Girl Faces

Her skin really isn’t getting any better; it’s just different than it was… the cradle cap crud is nearly gone (so much so that I kind of forget there’s still some yellow scales on her head; it’s 90% better though). The skin on her poor little body just isn’t content. The tricky part now is that since the weather has warmed up, I want to put her in cooler clothes, but then that gives her access to her skin. When that happens she ends up scratching herself until she bleeds a little, no matter how short her fingernails are. Maybe when she has her well baby check at 6 months the doctor can prescribe something different. I don’t think what we are using now does much.

Poor Chelsea's Skin

On all fours – Within the last week, Chelsea’s figured out how to get on her hands and knees. When she gets up, she rocks back and forth, but she doesn’t last long and quickly falls back to her belly. She also gets around pretty well on her belly. She usually ends up off of the large quilt I lay out for her, many times wedging herself partly under the couch. She does a lot of backwards scooching and rolling back to tummy and vice versa. I don’t know that she knows where she’s going, she just knows she wants to move.

On Hands and Knees!

Sitting & Playing … she’ll tolerate sitting in the *tripod* position (sitting up, legs in a V with her arms/hands supporting her) for a little while before it becomes too uncomfortable for her. She loves sitting in her exersaucer and gnawing on the toys. She’ll stay in that a good 20 minutes before tiring.

No solid foods just yet. The doctor wants us to wait, given Mallory’s allergies. We haven’t tried a bottle again since the beginning of May (she refused it again then), so she’s content nursing still.

Miscellaneous: She’s getting close to outgrowing her 3-6 month clothes. 6-12 would probably fit, but I’m getting the most wear out of the 3-6 that we can. Still size 2 diapers. And still LOVES taking her baths in her baby bath tub (with the hammock) at the kitchen sink.

I think that’s it. In just a couple weeks she’ll be 6 months and it will be time for some professional pictures and another doctor’s appointment.

One thought on “Chelsea – Rocking Chair – 5 Months

  1. Hey Lucia, I thought about you today and hit your site. So good to see all the pics and hear about your life, and Jonathan’s, and the girls! Chelsea sure does look like a happy baby – it reminds me of how happy and content Cooper was as a baby. Ok, i gotta run – leaving work now. Take care, Joye

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