Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!

We are trying to get a picture every Father’s Day of Jonathan with his girls. I took close to 50 pictures to get this ONE, and this picture is actually a conglomerate of 3 that I manipulated in Photoshop. Mallory was crazy in half of the pictures and I had my camera settings wrong for the other half so they were blurry. I’m really trying to learn my camera in manual mode. The big lesson I learned from taking these pictures is to have the ISO setting correct. I got several cute shots but because my settings were wrong, I didn’t notice they were blurry until it was too late because by then Mallory was done and we couldn’t even get her to sit. I’ll post some out-takes from our photo session, just for fun.

Some Crazy-Mallory Out Takes
1 of many
Love the look on Jonathan’s face in the picture below.
1 of many

The Woulda-been-good-if-they-weren’t-blurry Out Takes

And now some other pictures of Miss Mal…

Silly Girl Hanging Out

Mallory does this thing where she jumps (“guhMP!”) while on the bed, puts both legs out in front of her, then falls to her bottom. We don’t know where she learned it. Funny thing is that if you ask her to jump (regularly with two feet and on the floor), she can’t jump and get both feet off the ground at the same time. On the bed, no problem. This is the best picture I got of her in action (if you notice, both feet are in the air).

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