My Little Pony!

For whatever reason, Jonathan did a search on YouTube for “My Little Pony Commercial” and look what he found! Videos of the My Little Pony commercials I was in! I had seen two of the commercials, but the waterfall one I had never seen! At the time (early ’80s), Hasbro went overseas to make these commercials because it was cheaper. We were living in Spain when Hasbro came to our neighborhood/school for auditions. My sister and I were picked that summer to shoot two different commercials (me: Snoopy Sprinkler, her: Fashions by Me). Then for the next two years, whenever Hasbro came back to shoot more commercials, I worked with them. We didn’t have *real* TV in Spain (just one channel — Armed Forces Network maybe? — on base that played reruns of General Hospital, Soul Train, Hee-Haw, and Donahue). The only way we happened to see two of the commercials is when friends of ours got a VHS tape of Saturday morning cartoons sent to them from their friends in the States. My commercials just happened to be on the tapes, so our friends gave us the tapes.

MLP First Commercial
The very FIRST My Little Pony commercial

I am the very blonde little girl holding the pony in the beginnging, the one riding the bike and then the one that says, “I love you, My Little Pony” at the end. Actually, they dubbed over the last part, so that’s not my voice.

MLP Dreamcastle
My Little Pony Dream Castle

I’m the blonde and say, “I love you, My Little Pony” at the end. My voice this time.

MLP Waterfall
My Little Pony Waterfall

I’m the blonde on the left and then the one that says, “I love you, My Little Pony” at the end.

There’s another MLP commercial I was in, but I don’t see it on YouTube. It was for some pony-wear (clothes). And I was the back-up girl for this My Little Pony Sea Pony Commercial. I watched this commercial being made from the behind the scenes and I guess would have been in the commercial in the event that the girl in the tub didn’t feel well or perform??

I was in some other Hasbro commercials for lesser known toy brands, but I don’t see them on YouTube:


Snoopy Splash ‘n Play Sprinkler

Thing-a-Ding-Dings (Mr. Potato Head knock-off )

plus a couple more, I think. Crazy!

7 thoughts on “My Little Pony!

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  2. The question is- did you get free ponies?

    These are too cute- I’m truly jealous! I wish I could be in a pony commerical. :3

  3. Hi Em — Sadly, I only got one pony/toy out of all of the commercials I did for Hasbro over the 3 years between 1981 and 1984 (I say “sadly” sarcastically because I had a lot of fun doing them). A lot of that had to do with the fact that Hasbro was using prototypes of the toys in many of the commercials. For the first MLP commercial, the ponies in the commercial and on set were the only MLPs that existed in the world. By the time the Dream Castle commercial was shot, I guess Hasbro had extras they could *share* (since the toys were being mass produced), so they let us pick one. I was one of the last to choose and ended up with Snuzzle. Not my favorite, but I was glad to get one nonetheless. 🙂

    Another funny thing about my experience doing the MLP commercials is that there was a guy on set that was the “Toy Doctor.” He’d fix the ponies between takes, making sure they looked just right. For some reason (I was 8 at the time), I thought his name was Pat Pend. I thought he was the luckiest guy in the world because he had his name *stamped* on each and every one of the ponies since he was the toy doctor. I later realized, much later, that the “PAT PEND” stamped on the early ponies’ hooves stood for “Patent Pending” and had nothing to do with the Toy Doctor.

  4. Cute, the PAT PEND story is so sweet 🙂 I was about your age when those commercials were out and loved my little pony (still do and still collect them…). I remember my friend Robin and I talking about how if we were in the commercial we would take all those toys home with us lol. We were also jealous that not only did you get to play with those great toys but you were soooo pretty! We had a discussion about it back then, how funny is that 🙂

    That is such a cool memory for you and your sister though I bet. Thanks for sharing!

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