The Roadster

New  Ride

Mallory got this “Roadster” trike from Gran and Gramps for her birthday. It’s awesome-ly pink. I love it. Mallory meets the age requirements for the trike but she’s still a little small for it and doesn’t reach the pedals quite yet (she’s short for her age though). She likes to the ring the bell and push herself around on it with her feet but usually goes backwards in the process. I am typically very practical with purchases like this and try to get things that will last years (in terms of style and quality), thus my gender neutral nursery design. I would have typically wanted a red trike since it could work for a boy or girl (and who knows, we could have more kids, right?), but when I saw this PINK trike I knew that was the one to ask for. Since we have two girls, we will get plenty of use out of a pink trike.

Safety first – a pink helmet is a must with a pink trike.
Safety First

How quickly happy turns to sad when you are two years old.
) (

Thanks Gran and Gramps!

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