Chelsea: Rocking Chair – 4 months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 4 months

Already 4 months old! It’s hard to believe that we are near the middle of the fifth month of the year. Where has the time gone?! I’ll come back and update this post with Chelsea’s *accomplishments* as they happen. So far, this is what is going on:

  • She had her 4 month check-up and she’s a growing baby: 14.6 pounds (70th percentile) and 26.25 inches (98th percentile) — I am certain the length measurement is wrong; I watched the nurse and she marked her length about an inch longer than Chelsea is. So, I say she’s about 25.25 inches which is ~80th percentile.
  • We got prescription meds to help Chelsea with her skin — steroid cream and some clear gel/lotion to hydrate it — and so far it’s looking better. I continue to slather her with Cortaid several times a day and have now do the same with the gel/lotion. I use the steroid cream to spot treat the bad areas. The cradle cap is almost gone. It’s the rest of her body that we are treating now.
  • She is still not sleeping great, waking every 3 – 4 hours at night. We had one night that she slept 6 straight hours, but I guess it was a fluke. I guess me trying to adjust her daytime schedule so that she’d sleep less/eat more during the day didn’t work. She’s still sleeping in the bassinet in our room and seems to wake when we go to bed. I’m thinking of moving her to the guest room in the pack-n-play so 1) we don’t wake her when we go to bed and 2) she doesn’t wake Mallory when she wakes up in the middle of the night (we’ve decided to keep Mallory in her crib in the nursery for awhile longer since she’s happy there. We could put Chelsea in the big girl room in the PnP, but it’s right next to the nursery. The guest room is on the other side of the house. Too many details there, I know).
  • She found her feet! With all of the grabbing that she does (her hands seem to always be moving, mostly to scratch her skin), Chelsea has found her feet with her hands. So sweet. She occasionally finds her hands and sucks on her fingers too.
  • She always seems to be smiling (except for pictures!). She’s a very content baby. I don’t know how she’s that way, given her skin and the discomfort that it causes her.

Chelsea Swinging

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