So sorry!

I was checking out my blog stats and noticed that someone found this blog yesterday via search engine using the search words “oozing yellow scales babies head” which means the search engine pointed them to this post. For the person that was searching with those search words, I’m sorry for you! It means you have a baby with oozing yellow scales on your baby’s head. ūüė¶¬†The only things that have worked for us is: baby oil,¬† Head & Shoulders shampoo and Cortaid (hydrocortisone). Chelsea gets a bath every other day. Once in her baby bath, I¬†rub baby oil¬†all over her body and¬†scalp and let it sit for awhile. I put a wet¬†wash cloth on her head to help moisten/loosen the scales. After I wash her body with Baby Aveeno baby wash¬†(label on bottle says it is for baby skin¬†with eczema), I wash her head/hair with H&S being careful not to get the soap in her eyes. I use a baby hair brush to brush/rub her scalp to get rid of the scales as best as I can. After I take her out of the bath and dry her off, I rub¬†Cortaid (cream or ointment, not sure which I like better)¬†on the irritated parts of her skin and in the creases/folds because they tend to become red. The rest of her body gets a thin coat of Vaseline. These methods seem to help. With this treatment, her skin is better than it was mid March, but it’s still not perfect and occasionally gets worse before getting better again.

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