Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Chelsea is taking her first nap right now on her belly and she got there by herself!  She started rolling from back to belly on Thursday (2 days ago). I thought maybe it was a fluke, but she has continued doing it since then, when I give her enough time on the floor. For a long time she has maneuvered herself so that she ends up on her side on the floor or in her swing. She’s a wiggler for sure. Mallory rolled from back to belly at exactly 4 months (to the day) and Chelsea’s right there with her; she’ll be 4 months in less than a week. In a related thought, it’s strange to think that when Chelsea was Mal’s age, we were packing our house in Alabama and moving to Texas. That seems so long ago, but at the same time just like yesterday. I try not to compare the girls (it’s nearly impossible not to), but it’s interesting for me to put that perspective into how we were living then to how we are living now (at the time I thought I was overwhelmed taking care of one baby; now that sounds like a piece a cake since we added a toddler to the mix!). Chelsea still seems like a newborn to me, whereas when Mal was her age when we moved in, I thought she was so big already. I need to catch up on some posts and will try to do that now. I don’t know how much longer both girls will stay sleeping so I can do this.

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