Mallory: Rocking Chair – 2 years old!

Mallory - Rocking Chair - 2 years

I think this may be the last of Mallory’s monthly rocking chair pictures. She’s not changing as much each month as she used to, so I think I’ll take her picture every six months from now on. Eventually she’ll be too big for the chair, but isn’t that the point to show how big she’s getting? To note, I’ve been putting these pictures into a 6″ x 6″ scrapbook. In addition to the picture, I include some written details from each month like milestones she reached as well as general life-happenings. It’s already fun to go back and look through the scrapbook to see how much she’s changed and to read what she did when. I’ll put together the same kind of scrapbook for Chelsea. I have a nice area to scrapbook in our house — the media room, a.k.a. my craft room — I just need to make time to do it more, since I enjoy it.

I thought I’d include some tidbits about Mallory the two year old. Some I’ll be embarrassed to admit (because I let her get away with certain things), others proud to share. Most of it is boring data that I just want to document so I can reference later. Feel free to skip the rest of the post. 🙂 Here goes…

  • at two years of age, Mallory still takes a bottle. <<hides head in shame, kinda… but it works for us>> She drinks her soy milk from a bottle, generally two 8 ounce bottles a day which she gets when she wakes up from sleeping. She drinks water from a sippy and she occasionally gets apple juice in a juice box. The latter is a treat. I tried milk in the sippy and didn’t like that solution because sippy cups leak more than bottles. Milk got everywhere because we let her have sippy cups around the house. So now, water in sippies only. I’ve tried to start giving her milk in a cup when she’s in her highchair, but I haven’t been consistent with that. Which leads me to…
  • Mal still sits and eats her meals in her highchair. She doesn’t mind being in there one bit. We are working with her to get her to use her utensils more, which she usually does until there isn’t much food and it’s hard to get on the fork or spoon. Then she uses her fingers. We also need to work with her on not throwing unwanted food off of her highchair, which happens at every meal. Common Mallory meals and food Mal can/will eat – BREAKFAST: bananas or other fruit, Ian’s vegan french toast sticks, Van’s vegan waffles (she hasn’t liked the waffles recently though); LUNCH/DINNER: Hebrew National hot dogs, chicken nuggets, steak, peas, broccoli, Tufutti soy cheese slice, soy yogurt, applesauce, mandarin oranges, peach slices, Iron Kids bread, cheerios, saltine /oyster crackers, blackberries (LOVES these), apple slices, plain pasta, plain rice; DESSERT: popsicles! Some things I listed with a brand name and that’s because those specific items can have dairy or eggs in them, but these brands don’t. This food list is limited mostly because I don’t tend to cook, not because Mallory won’t eat things. If I cooked more, Mallory would eat more. She can be picky, but she’s also pretty good considering she’s a 2 year old with food allergies.
  • Mal watches way too much TVand that’s my fault which is ironic because I was adamant that she not watch any TV before she turned 1. It’s a babysitter while I’m caring for Chelsea or when I need a break. Her favorite shows at the moment are on Noggin (the Nickelodeon channel with shows for preschoolers) and are: Wow Wow Wubzy, Dora, Go Diego Go, Max & Ruby, Franklin, Little Bear, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Backyardigans (Backyardigans used to be her favorite, but she overdosed on it, I think 😉 ).
  • She takes a good long afternoon nap every day — 3 to 3.5 hours. She’s a great sleeper and always has been. Our schedule is of the delayed variety. She wakes late (~8a), we eat breakfast late, lunch late (usually around 1p), nap late (down around 2 or 2:30), dinner late and then bedtime is late (~9p). If we lived in a different time zone our schedule would be perfect! (normal?) Ha. Mal still sleeps in her crib and has yet to try and escape. She’s content there. We thought we’d transition her to her big girl room by now (and move Chelsea to the crib), but since she’s content and since we’ve needed her big girl room as a guest room, she’s still in the nursery. Maybe in the next month we’ll move her to big girl bed (after we figure out some way to keep her in the room — baby gate maybe?)
  • Mal is a busy busy girl. Loves to dance and knows how to turn on/off the CD player in her big girl room. She tries to do the motions for “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. She has a hard time walking in public places. She prefers to run and laugh. She’s quick to applaud someone after they are done singing (church) or have accomplished something (after she forced a toy into Chelsea’s hand and Chelsea latched on, Mallory clapped for her). She LOVES to kick balls. Yesterday at Gymboree play class she even dropped kicked a ball (not completely on purpose) and can get air under the ball when she kicks. “Key!” (translates to kick) was one of her first words outside of “dada” and “uh oh”.
  • Speaking of words… Mal is a little behind verbally. She has maybe 25 words with very few being discernable to anyone but us and only when in context (many sound the same, like “cuh” can be cup or duck/quack; “gaa-gaa” is hot dog; “coh-coh” is pickle). She has a couple of phrases, like “I ok” (I’m okay) and “hee-go” (here you go), but generally isn’t combing words to make phrases. She still does some sign language, mostly to identify animals and food. I’ve been working with her on colors, numbers and ABCs but not much has sunk in. I think she understands color, but everything is “booo” (blue). She understands counting, but doesn’t mimic the right sounds for the numbers. She will point to things mimicking the counting motion.
  • Mal loves her Daddy VERY MUCH. She has a hard time if we go some place in two cars and her daddy is in a different car. Lots of tears.
  • In terms of tantrums, Mallory is pretty good at not getting too mad too often. Of course she throws them, but I’ve learned that many can be avoided as long as I approach the situation the right way. I’ve learned to have HER put a toy away when it’s time to go (instead of me taking it from her and putting it away) or asking HER to give something back (again, instead of me taking it away from her). She’s very compliant if you are patient with her. She’s also not too possessive of her things, yet. She shares pretty well but she only has to do that once at week when we go to Gymboree Play & Music class. When the tantrums do come, they are full blown –a scream fest complete with lots of tears and laying out on the floor.
  • She loves her books. Her current favorites are the Seuss board books like “Go Dog Go,” “Wocket in my Pocket”, and “The Foot Book”.
  • She has 16 teeth. She was late to get her first molars and incisors (she got the latter around 20 months), so I’m guessing her 2 year molars will be delayed as well.
  • Mal is on the smaller size for her age. At her 2 year appointment she was 27.2 pounds (54th %tile), 33 inches (25th %tile) and her head was 19 inches (68th %tile). She’s just now into 18-24 bottoms but can wear 2T or 18-24 tops. I think her feet are big or normal size for her age — size 7. And she’s in size 5 Pampers. 🙂

Ok, that was lots of little tidbits. I’ve been meaning to jot them down and now I have!

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