Chelsea: Rocking Chair – 3 months

Chelsea - Rocking Chair - 3 months

I am a little late making this post for Chelsea’s 3 monthrocking chair picture (she’ll be 4 months in less than a week), but I did take the picture a couple weeks ago. Chelsea is bending at the waist a little more, so a bit easier to position her this month. Here are her stats and what happened this month:

  • she was baptised on the 5th
  • her skin has gone from getting better, to getting worse. It miraculously looked a little better for her baptism but then she earned her *crusty* nickname starting the next week.
  • she is a wiggler — our wiggle worm — always moving around. Some of the movement I think is related to her itchy skin. The rest I guess is just her style. 🙂 I say she’s *riding her bike* when I change her diaper because her legs are moving constantly. She also does *exercises* with her arms moving them up and down very fast.
  • she is FULL of smiles and now giggles when we do something silly. She’s a very content baby. Don’t get me wrong, she can cry a good cry but for the most part, she’s a happy baby
  • her projective vomiting has all but subsided (knock on wood). Yay!!
  • at the beginning of the month she started to grab for things. She is a very grabby baby and will grab your shirt or whatever is within reach and not let go.
  • as previously noted, she started rolling back to belly at the end of the month (24th); she tries to sleep on her side in the swing. She takes most of her naps in the swing. We’ve just started to try to get her to nap in her bassinet.
  • she sleeps in the bassinet in our bedroom. As soon as we figure out when/how we’re going to transition Mallory to her big girl bed, then we’ll transition Chelsea to the crib in the nursery. At about 6 weeks I started wrapping Chelsea in the Miracle Blanket. I stopped putting her in it the first part of the month because she would kick herself out of it anyway and end up tangled in it.
  • she has no real schedule for sleeping or eating, yet. Everything is *on demand* (exception listed below). She can go 4 or 5 hours between feeds and she’s an efficient eater, meaning she’s pretty fast. We haven’t tried bottles with her again (at the end of February she would take one bottle of formula a day; this lasted about a week, then she refused it. So, no more bottles).
  • Chelsea is no longer a good night sleeper, waking every 3-5 hours (she used to be able to go 9-11 hours STRAIGHT). I think I finally figured out why. Her sleeping schedule is off because she sleeps a lot during the day and then wakes more at night to eat because she needs the calories. I’ve just started to wake her and feed her more during the day to help switch her internal clock around. I haven’t noticed a big change yet, but I think I will eventually.
  • She loves to watch her sister, probably because Mal ends up waking her up several times a day. Mal is also very sweet to her, giving her lots of kisses during the day and she tries to hold Chelsea’s hand.
  • Chelsea LOVES baths. I usually let her soak for awhile to give the baby oil time to work its magic. She’s all smiles and has now started to splash a lot (because she’s constantly moving). When I scrub her head, she has a look on her face like it’s the best feeling in the world.

That’s about it!

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