Chelsea’s Baptism

Our Family

Chelsea’s baptism was this past weekend. Her Godparents are Jonathan’s sister Carrie and her husband Ryan. Carrie, her two children and Jonathan’s parents flew in for the weekend to celebrate Chelsea’s baptism as well as Mallory’s second birthday. Unfortunately, Ryan wasn’t able to make it and we missed having him. Jonathan’s dad stood in as the Godfather during the ceremony. The baptism was during a mass and surprisingly we made it through the service without any major catastrophes (if you remember, at the Easter mass we had to leave early because Mal was all over the place). Easy-going Chelsea did well during the ceremony, even after she had water splashed all over her face. Surprisingly, the picture of the four of us is our first family picture.

Precious Girl

The dress that Chelsea wore for the Baptism is a family heirloom. Generations of Lucia’s maternal grandmother’s side of the family have worn the dress to be christened or baptized. The fabric on the bodice and bottom part of the skirt is from the 1800s, I believe.

As we adjust to being a family of four and are able to get out and about easier, we hope to start going to church regularly. We started to become involved in the church while I was pregnant (Jonathan as an usher and Lucia in the nursery), but then dropped out when Chelsea was born.

Chelsea's Baptism

Happy Baptism Chelsea!

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