Boo Boo

Boo Boo Close-Up

The current pictures of Mallory show her with a few boo boos on her face (the picture to the right was taken after she had just woken up which is why she looks tired and kind of out of it). Here’s the story: Mallory’s cousin didn’t like that Mallory was trying to get in a chair that he had been sitting in, so he pushed her off and she face planted on the rug in the kitchen. Whoops! You can see the indentation of the rug on her forehead. Initially her wounds didn’t look bad, but as the day went on, the sore bits on and under her nose turned more red. They are very topical and should heal pretty quickly as long as she doesn’t pick at the scabs, which she has a habit of doing. We’ll wait until her boo boos heal before we take her to get her 2 year old pictures taken. 🙂

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