Energetic Easter at the Wilkes


Happy Easter, a little late. We had a good Easter this year. Last year it was the day after Mallory’s birthday and it snowed and we didn’t do much for either event. This year we were excited to celebrate Easter since Mallory would be able to participate. We knew she’d be good at hunting eggs as we’d been practicing with her inside in the weeks leading up to Easter. We did our egg hunt Saturday as rain was in the forecast for Easter Sunday. Mallory LOVED it and she was very good at collecting the eggs. I put too many out there and she ended up needing two baskets to carry them in. We didn’t do any egg dying since she’s allergic to eggs. We don’t know if she’d have a reaction to just touching them the way she does with dairy, but we didn’t want to chance it, so we stuck to plastic eggs. She got one or two jellybeans per egg until we realized she didn’t like to EAT the beans, only suck on them. After she started handing us chewed up jelly bean bits, we quickly went through her eggs and pulled the remaining jelly beans out. Chelsea also enjoyed the egg hunt. She got to take a nap inside in her swing in peace and quiet while Mal was outside. Mallory wakes Chelsea up from her naps in the swing several times a day.

Sisters on Easter

On Easter Sunday we ventured to church. We haven’t been in awhile and thought we’d brave it with both girls. We got there early and the church was already packed. The sanctuary was full so we sat in the back of the cafeteria-size overflow room that had a large screen to watch the service. We knew the nursery would be closed so we brought snacks, drinks, books, crayons, and paper to keep Mallory entertained. She sat still for all of about 2 minutes. Then she got antsy and had to roam. We tried letting her burn off some energy in the halls of the parish office (we took turns walking with her in the other part of the building). It didn’t work. She was on the move. At one point she got away from us and ended up doing a lap around the entire overflow room. Ack. At that point, we decided that we would be kind to the people around us and let them enjoy the mass, so we turned in our offering and left. We made it almost half way through. Through all of it, Chelsea was perfect. She was awake most of the time and didn’t make a peep. She was content to be in her carrier.

Hope you all had as much fun as we did on Easter.

More pictures from our Easter weekend.
And the Hunt Begins Got it! Fit Chin Up Two Baskets Ok, I'll sit with HER and take a picture...

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