Chelsea’s cradle CRUD continues to get worse. The pictures don’t do it justice. It is everywhere. It’s all over her head, including her face, cheeks, on her eye brows, and IN and behind her ears. It’s in the folds of her neck and on her chest. It’s behind her knees, in her armpits, and IN her belly button. It’s on her legs, on her arms, on her hands and fingers and seemingly in every little fold of skin that she has. Her diaper area has been lucky so far not to get the yellow scales of the crud, but it’s now starting to look irritated. That might mean it’s on the way. Her back doesn’t have the crud either and doesn’t look too irritated (yet), for some reason.


Her skin oozes yellow oily crud. It smells. She smells. Her clothes have a yellow tint on the inside of them after she’s worn them for a day. It’s just gross. I wanted to get professional pictures of her at 3 months of age which is less than two weeks away. I don’t want to get her pictures taken with her skin like this. I don’t want to remember her skin in this state. It’s supposed to be baby soft. I know she’s healthy in every other regard, so I shouldn’t complain, but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.

She has scabs around her face from the scales being irritated from her face touching fabric when she lays on her side (she manages to lay on her side in her swing, even though she’s buckled in) and/or her scratching her face with her hands. I imagine that the crud is itchy (the doctor thinks it probably is) and her hands and fingers are always scratching her face.

I'd be Crying too

Her face looks shiny in the crying picture because I’ve rubbed hydrocortisone cream all over the worst areas on her head. The rest of her body was smeared with vaseline. The doctor recommended that I do this to help keep her skin from being so irritated. The doctor also recommended that we try some Head & Shoulders shampoo. We used that for the first time yesterday in addition to rubbing her entire body with baby oil to help loosen the scales. We’ll do the same bath routine with baby oil and H&S every 2 days. Hopefully that will help some. If it continues to worsen, the pediatrician said she’d send us to a pediatric dermatologist. We’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “CRUD

  1. Poor Baby! This baby has definitely had a rough start! Do you think that this could be related to any food allergies? I know that Mallory suffers from them so I was just wondering if the pediatrician thought that there might be any correlation between the two. I hope not!

    I hope that her skin gets better! She is still such a beautiful baby CRUD of not!

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