M&C: Rocking Chair – 23 Months and 2 Months

Rocking Chair - 23 Months Old Rocking Chair - 2 Months Old

This is Mallory’s second to last of the monthly rocking chair pictures. She’ll be 2 next month. Crazy. After that I may take a picture of her with the rocking chair every year until she’s too big for it.

This is Chelsea’s first rocking chair picture, at 2 months old. She doesn’t bend at the waist easily, so getting her to sit upright was kind of tricky. Mallory was that way at 2 months too.

Notes on Mallory at 23 months…

  • Mallory is slowing beginning to be more verbal. She’s adding maybe a word a week to her vocabulary. An example of a new word: “ga-ga” for hot dog and “teee” for please. She does a lot of babbling but we can’t understand most of what she says when she does that.
  • We started going to back to play classes at Gymboree Play & Music after a two month hiatus which we took after Chelsea’s birth. Mallory loves going to the P&M classes. She can do the “Gymbo Dance” on her own, really enjoys bubble and parachute time, and is very agile climbing up and down on the equipment. She tries to jump, but still can’t get both feet off the ground at the same time.
  • She loves to *talk* on the phone, be it a toy phone, our cell phones, the cordless phones or my old scientific calculator which she pretends is her blackberry.

Notes on Chelsea at 2 months (March 2008):

  • mid-month Chelsea stopped sleeping well at night. She had been going down between 8p and 9p and would sleep until 6a or 7a withoutwaking. Almost unbelievable. And then it was. Then she started waking after 5 hours of sleep,  then it got worse and she’d wake before midnight and then another one or two times before morning. I thought it was temporary, like maybe she was going through a growth spurt and needed the extra sleep. Not the case as it became a pattern and was on going.
  • We swaddle her in the Miracle Blanket for night time sleep. Daytime sleep is done in her swing.
  • At the end of February, Chelsea would take 4 ounces of formula in a bottle once a day. That lasted a couple of weeks at most and by mid March, she refused the bottle of formula. I haven’t tried breastmilk in the bottle yet.
  • Chelsea’s skin conditions (cradle cap/crud and eczema all over her body) continued.

3 thoughts on “M&C: Rocking Chair – 23 Months and 2 Months

  1. DH’s family always took pictures of the kids next to the family vehicle… but that was back in the day when family vehicles were really only one size.

    Instead, when our kids were born, we started a tradition of taking a picture in an antique wicker rocking chair that had been handed down for several generations. It’s a full size chair that we don’t plan to get rid of so we’ll continue the tradition each birthday as long as I remember to keep doing it!

    Was very excited to see that someone else has a similar tradition!

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