Introducing Crusty!

Cradle Cap

Chelsea’s new nickname is “Crusty”. You can see why in this picture. She has been dealing with a bad case of cradle cap (seborrhoeic dermatitis) on her scalp and forehead, behind her ears, and a little on her cheeks. This has been going on for a few weeks now. I try to scrub/brush/wash it every day but it keeps coming back. In the picture, it actually looks better than it has. I’m hoping that that means its starting to go away. In addition to cradle cap, she has eczema all over her arms, legs and belly. So, she’s crusty all over! Argh… looking forward to her having soft skin again.

Did you also notice in the picture the bit of hair that’s coming in? She had some hair when she was born, but then lost it a couple weeks later. Just recently she’s sprouted some new hair. It seems lighter than Mal’s was at this age.

Chelsea also had her 2 month check-up Monday and she’s growing like a weed! She is 11.4 pounds (65th percentile) and 23 inches (75th percentile), a bigger baby than Mal was at this age.

Chelsea is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room. She has quite the set up in her bassinet with portions of it elevated and several blankets positioned just so (otherwise she wiggles and ends up sideways). We wrap her like a burrito in the Miracle Blanket (fantastic invention!) at night to keep her snug, otherwise her hands distract her and wake her up. She is sleeping well at night and sleeps at least 7 hours initially (sometimes more — twice 11 hours STRAIGHT, sometimes less), wakes for a feed, and then goes several more hours after that (down at 8:30p, up between 6a and 7a).

Bassinet Baby Filling out

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