Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow

I took Mallory out in the snow last night and then again this morning. It’s so pretty to wake up to all of the WHITE! I love it. I’m sure if we lived with it for a season, we’d get tired of it, but having it for just a day or so is so special! Mallory had a blast walking through it. She wasn’t sure about it at first, tapping her toes on the surface of it before she would take a step. She quickly learned that she could march through it and did just that, all through our front yard. Her hands were ice cold (“coh”) when we got inside because she liked to touch it. I didn’t have any mittens for our nearly two year old. I don’t know how long the snow will last, but we’ve enjoyed it!

Getting the Hang of it Paths Don't Eat Yellow Snow Down our Street Snow Fun Our House

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