Snow! In Texas! In March!

Big Flakes

Who would have thunk! It snowed several inches this afternoon and even stuck to the pavement (the picture to the right shows a view out of our front door). It snowed Monday night too, but didn’t stick to the roads where we are. The flakes coming down were huge. I could have watched them for hours. It’s stopped for now. It was snowing this morning, but not really sticking. I talked to Mallory about it and showed her. It didn’t start to snow hard until she went down for her nap. So, I went and woke her up, pulled her out of her crib, opened up the shade in her bedroom window to show her and she pointed… to her crib, to have me put her back because she was sleeping, mama! I may try and take her out in it when she wakes up. Fun!

More pics of the snow:
Snowing the Backyard Snow on the Window Ledges Snow in the Backyard Snow! In Texas! In March!

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