A Trip to the Zoo


Last weekend we hit the zoo because the weather has been so nice. Good friends of ours gave us a family membership to the zoo as a baby gift and this was the first time we went. We hope to go a lot this year with the girls. We learned a few things this visit, like we need to bring Mal’s harness buddy with us because she wants to run everywhere and she can be hard to keep up with, especially when you are tending to her little sister as well. She’s ok with riding in the stroller for a little while, but really she just wants out. And we want her to burn off some energy, so we want her out and about too. Chelsea didn’t get much out of this visit to the zoo, but we figure once she’s sitting up and can take in more of what’s around her, she’ll like it too.

Squirmy Girl at the Zoo

I didn’t take but a few pictures while we were at the zoo because it was enough to chase Mallory or push the double stroller and/or hold Chelsea. I was lucky that Mallory slowed down enough for us to get this picture.

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