Back in the Hospital :(

On Sunday night the 13th, I took Chelsea to the pediatric urgent care center because I was worried she wasn’t eating enough and was getting dehydrated. She was really congested and even with us suctioning out her nose with saline every 1 – 2 hours, she had very little appetite. Her last good feed was at 7 AM and she only had 3 wet diapers all day (ideal to have ~6 wet diapers/day at her age). They took a urine specimen (via catheter, poor girl), did a blood draw and took a large sample of mucus out of her nose (which cleaned out her nasal passageways so she could breathe better, for awhile at least). The urine and blood tests came back fine, but the mucus sample showed that she has RSV. 😦   So, the doctor sent us home and gave us a list of things to look out for, one of which a fever of 100.4 or more. We got home around 10:30.

I had been sleeping upright in a recliner with Chelsea on my chest so that she could breathe easier and so I could monitor her breathing. Around 2AM Monday morning, Chelsea felt really warm, so I took her temperature and it was 100.8. I checked it two more times and it was still high (100.4 and 100.6). The urgent care center was closed now, so I had to take her to the children’s hospital ER in Ft. Worth. They had to redo the urine, blood and mucus tests 😦 in addition to a spinal tap to rule out meningitis and a chest X ray to check her lungs. Since RSV is a virus, they can’t treat it with medicine, but because of the fever, congestion, and a bit of junk in her right lung, the ER doctor decided to admit her to the hospital.

Around 4:30 AM we were situated in our room which is a contact and respitory isolation unit (meaning whenever a doctor or nurse comes into the room, they have to wear a mask, gown and gloves). They’ve now put Chelsea on oxygen because her blood oxyen levels weren’t high enoughand put her on IV fluids because she’s still not eating great. Her soft spot is really sunken in now; it looks like she has a dent in her head. The junk that they saw in her lungs on the X rays could mean she has pnemonia, but they aren’t sure. Her doctor her says that she’ll be here at least another 2 days, (until Thursday, January 17 at least) or up to 2 weeks. Once she can maintain her oxygen levels on her own and doesn’t need the IV fluids, she’ll get to come home.

The hospital and staff have been really nice and are taking great care of Chelsea. Jonathan’s been staying home with Mallory to take care of her since I have to be at the hospital to feed Chelsea every few hours and watch over her. Jonathan’s mom is flying in tomorrow to help Jonathan with Mallory so he can go back to work. Hopefully Chelsea will get better soon and we’ll all be home. Keep this baby girl in your prayers.

8 thoughts on “Back in the Hospital :(

  1. Oh my! Poor baby! I will definitely keep you guys in my prayers. RSV is horrible! We’ve had 3 babies in Taylor’s class go home with it and one was hospitalized also. Hopefully she will get better soon and you can go home!

  2. Oh no Lucia!! RSV is scary….and even scarier with a two week old I. I have been thinking of you guys tons ever since I read your posts that you were all sick and I was praying that Chelsea would not get it. 😦

    I hope you get to go home really soon…you must be so exhausted with worry! (not to mention the lack of sleep)

    xoxo and let me know if there is anything I can do!!


  3. My two girls are in the same boat, but older. My 2 year old was hospitalized with it last week (and your experience sounds exactly like ours!), and my 6 month old is still on breathing treatments this week. I feel so badly for you and can imagine how you’re feeling – It’s hard to relax & rest when your baby is sick. I will keep you in my prayers!

  4. Hi Lucia,
    I’ve been reading your blog and trying to keep up on what has been going on with your family. I hate to hear you guys got sick and Chelsea is in the hospital but I know it is all temporary and feel certain you’ll all be as good as new in a few weeks – you are with the experts. I hate the spinal tap and all that other testing – I remember taking Cass when he was 10wks to do that – it is not an easy thing for the baby or you! The stress of such a situation sure can be exhausting. I’ll keep checking in on you and of course you are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m going to be sending Chelsea some mental healing powers – so watch out baby girl – you’ll be feeling the powers of Joye hitting you soon. Seriously – I’m praying for her speedy recovery!

  5. Sweetie, i feel horrible for you guys. This RSV thing is going around like crazy. Even Colin had someone in his class sent home because of it. I know it’s hard to have a little one in the hospital, so my prayers are with you guys. I hope we get to see you guys soon (hopefully before I deliver at least).

  6. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I have been there as Mary Claire was also hospitalized with it at 4 months after turning blue at home. I know that this is very scary for you and I wish there was something more I could do to help you out. I hope that having Jonathan’s mom in town to help with Mallory will lighten your load. I really wish she hadn’t gotten it but I hope that her recovery will be fast. Just know that it did take almost two months for Mary Claire to completely get over it but she was in daycare at the time so I hope that Chelsea can beat this thing a lot faster. Gosh I am just so sorry that you are having to deal with this right now! Lots of hugs to you!

  7. Lucia and Jonathan,

    We have been thinking about and praying for all of you, especially Chelsea, ever since Mom called and told us that Chelsea was back in the hospital. Poor little sweetie… Just know that we are praying for Chelsea, her ability to fight the RSV, her doctors, and for all of you as you fight your illnesses. Please tell Jonathan to give Mallory a big hug from us, too. Words are not enough to tell you how much we love all of you!

    Love, Amy, Chris, Maddie and Charlie

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