Batting a Thousand

Chelsea and Jonathan are now sick. That means everyone got hit with the nasty cold. Jonathan started feeling bad yesterday. Chelsea started coughing yesterday and is also really congested. I took her to the doctor today and so far she only has a cold; if we’re lucky that’s all it will be considering that it’s RSV season. She doesn’t have a fever and is still eating well, so those are good things. She’s terribly congested so we’ve been squirting saline up her nose and then suctioning it out which seems to help. I’ve also been sleeping upright in a chair with her at night to help her breathe easier. Poor baby girl. Gran leaves tomorrow. 😦 Not sure how we’re going to get through next week since Mallory isn’t completely well and I can’t have her around Chelsea a lot. We’ll manage some how, I guess. We’ll sure miss having Gran here!

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