Update on the invalids

The invalids finally went to the doctor today to get some relief and it’s a good thing we did.

I went to walk-in clinic, initially to get relief from the immense pain I was in that started last night. I must have strained or fractured a rib from the coughing. Taking a breath and moving are extremely painful and when I cough, I am near tears. The doctor couldn’t confirm that I fractured a rib, but prescribed me pain meds to help manage the pain. He also discovered that I have two ear infections, so I’m on antibiotics as well.

Having learned that my cold resulted in ear infections and since Gran has the same bad cold, we made her go to the doctor. She has an ear infection with the added benefit of bronchitis. So, she’s on antibiotics too.

Mallory went back to the pediatrician because she had been scratching at her ears again. Her doctor said her ears looked better, so she’s on the mend, thankfully. Her appetite is back, she’s playing like normal so now we’re waiting for her cough and congestion to go away.

Bringing home a new baby is tough enough. Adding all of this sickness to the mix has made Chelsea’s homecoming harder than it should have been. We’ll survive, I know. I can’t wait until we’re all healthy again so we can enjoy this little girl all the more.

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