Thriving & Not So Much

No new pictures, but I wanted to post an update from Chelsea’s first doctor’s appointment. Apparently she’s a good eater because she weighed in at 7 pounds 14 ounces today. That’s 4 ounces more than her birth weight. She had dropped to 7 pounds 2 ounces when we left the hospital. The pediatrician was hoping she might be near her birth weight today, but didn’t expect her to be over it so soon. I think they like to give newborns two weeks to get back to their birth weight. I thought we were having problems with her feedings since I’m lucky to get 15 minutes out of her at each feeding; usually it’s just 10 minutes. I guess she’s efficient when she eats.

Excluding Chelsea and Jonathan, the rest of us aren’t thriving in the Wilke household. My cold isn’t getting better and now my ribs hurt when I breathe, cough or have Chelsea lay on my chest. My head is really congested and my ear started to hurt today. I hope I didn’t fracture a rib from the coughing or don’t have an ear infection. I couldn’t get in to see a doctor today or tomorrow. If I get worse, I guess I’ll have to go to a walk-in clinic. Gran is not getting any better either. Her cough and congestion sound horrible.  Mallory seems to be getting better since taking the antibiotics for her ear infections. She seems like her old self minus her nasty cough and congestion. If you wouldn’t mind, please pray that Chelsea stays healthy through all of this. I can’t imagine what our germs would do to a newborn.

We’ll take more pictures soon and post them when we do.

4 thoughts on “Thriving & Not So Much

  1. Sounds like you guys have what we had when Tyler arrived! I was so sick the week he was born, even went to the hospital sick with a cold the day of surgery. I felt like I was going to get Tyler sick every time I fed him or held him. But don’t be worried, their immune systems are excellent after they are born, so I’m sure Chelsea will be fine. We didn’t let Adam “hold” Tyler for about a month since he had a constant runny nose, too, and Tyler did just fine. I hope you guys start feeling better VERY soon!!! Way to go with Chelsea’s weight, too!!

  2. Hope you guys feel better soon! I got terribly sick after Laurel was born too. I second what Karen said…newborns immune systems are excellent after they are born so hopefully she will be fine. Laurel was fine and never did catch my cold. Maybe you could call your OB and tell him about your sickness and he could prescribe you something without you having to leave and go to the Dr. My OB is very good about doing things like that. On another note…good job on the weight gain! You try and get some rest and take care of yourself. Hope you feel better very soon so that you can really start to enjoy your growing family! Hugs!

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