Hospital to Home: Making the Transition


The first couple of days at home with both girls have been interesting. It’s been harder than it should have been because everyone but Jonathan and Chelsea is sick. I have a cold (basically a nasty, nasty cough) that I’ve been fighting for about a week. Mallory caught my cold which has left her with a runny nose, fever, cough, congestion and very lethargic. Mallory’s cold emerged the night we went into the hospital, so Gran has been taking care of a sick girl while we were gone, which included lots of holding and rocking (Gran now has Mallory’s/my cold too). Mallory wasn’t getting better and was barely drinking or eating, so Jonathan took her to the doctor yesterday. It was a good thing he did because not only does she have a bad cold, but also 2 ear infections (her first). You can tell she feels awful. Jonathan was up with her this morning from 2am – 6am because she woke up and was miserable. She’s a daddy’s girl and only wants him, so we couldn’t help him with her.

Through all of this Chelsea has been very content. I know she’s in that sleep-all-the-time newborn state, but even so, she’s been a very good baby. When Mallory was just days out of hospital, she was NOT content. She spit up all of the time and was generally not happy (which I think was related to her dairy/egg allergies and I was nursing her but didn’t know not to eat dairy or eggs). Chelsea is already napping in her bassinet, something Mallory didn’t do for a long while. I need to work on getting her to stay awake during feedings, especially at night, but that will come in time.

We’ve been trying to keep Mallory away from Chelsea because she’s sick, but the little bit that they’ve been in the same room has gone well. Mallory does the “baby” sign when she sees Chelsea (swings her arms like she’s cradling a baby) and she pats the swing to tell us to put the baby in the swing. She’s tried to share things with her and is very interested in this new being in the house. I think she’s going to be a great big sister.

I’ve uploaded more photos from the hospital and coming home. Click on the thumbnails to see them bigger.
At first glance Ten Little Toes Eyes Wide Open Close Up Sweet Baby Girl Mom and Daughter Daddy and his Little Girl Going Home Sisters Meeting

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